Donna-Day :)

ok. today redeemed everything!!! I was super-frump yesterday....Today was super-fab!!! Here's a list of happy things from today: 1. I felt great! 2. It didn't rain 3. I followed directions (better than i did in Kim's class....i was a teachers worst nightmare) 4. Donna Downey has HEARD of Freckled Nest (like for real, hello!)....i was inwardly Hyperventalating. 5.I had such a fun day 5.I learned the Skinny Pose. I will share the secrets---it's the new best thing. Donna should be on Oprah for it! 6.I shopped. Not so much money left over, lol. Saved some for Monday-Button-Day with Marin (we're going to a store JUST FOR BUTTONS!!!!!) (AND it's called BUTTON BUTTON!) 7. Good photo shoot with Alice. 8. Donna was awesome, hilarious, inspiring and fun! Great class, laughed laughed laughed! 9. I did 2 projects today, kept up and had so much fun!!! 10. Met so many cool people.Claudine-Day tomorrow :) After Artistry, I'm heading to Aunty Kim and Uncle Brians :) Monday: Button Day with Marin :) Tuesday Night, Home. Tyson, I love you :)

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