Email from Me to Teaque Can you resist it? --Not writing back---lol I dare you, don't email me back!!! We'll test your willpower & addiction! LA 10 minutes later... (I so called it!) Response from Teaque to Me First of all you suck!!! Second of all I had already started writing this: You might have an email addiction if… - You can’t NOT write back to an email -You check your email before you even take your coat off when coming home - You prefer the ding of an email over the sound of you child saying mama for the first time (just kidding) - You will type with one hand if needed even if there is a baby in the other - You have serious withdrawal if gone from email for too long, hot flashes, night sweats, hard to breathe etc - You actually take up precious space in your carry-on bag just so you can take your laptop and then pray the entire flight that the hotel has internet - You can stop in the middle of an email to change a poopy diaper and go right back to where you left off - Your spouse thinks you might be having an affair because you spend sooo much time on the computer (just kidding again) - You have a special elbow pillow to help with the long hours of leaning pain - You actually have fights over the computer with your husband because you had the computer first (in a very whiney voice) {Don’t worry we solved THIS problem, just got more computers} LA: Lol, this woman is a riot, and I totally relate! It's an addiction-- i'm about to loose my mind, and i think i like it, wooooah-yaa! Anybody relate? Amanda Ross, Kim, Kody, Mom...??? Any additions to the list??


  1. an elbow pillow...hey, now there's an idea!! and yes, my name is kim and i'm an email-a-holic....( also a frequent blog-comment-checker as well...you guys suck who aren't commenting by the way...) WINK!!
    have a great weekend LA!


  2. Have to agree, check my e-mail AND LA's blog AT LEAST 3 times a day if not more!!! YES IT IS AN ADDICTION!!!! Can't wait to see if there is anything new. Dad always says "what are you checking, your e-mail again, between you and Kody I don't know who is on the computer more". Maybe he's checking up on me????
    Hope you had a good day, really glad its Friday, I was in bed at 8:30 last night. Just beat. I'm going to doze off on the couch now.
    I stitched 2 books tonight, thats 3 now.
    Love Momma

  3. lol - since getting my new FASTER computer, it's turning into an addiction. At work, I leave my desk for like 5 seconds and when I come back I am looking for the envelope icon on my toolbar. I have a fast, if not faster computer at home now, so yes it's an addiction. Actually I logged in just 5 minutes ago, first thing I do is check my email and then comments on my blog. Sadly to my avail there were none on either :( and I did make a pouty face. :P Can't wait to work in the "sweat shop Lee Lee" Love you! :)


    p.s. - you up for Mongo's for dinner?? hee hee hee.


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