Does anybody else...

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Does anybody else... think Jellyfish are the weirdest thing ever? I do, but i also love em and am completely perplexed by them, but often hit the mental-gag-reflex---but i love them!
One time on Survivor (when the show was still good) they won a reward-challenge where they swam with bajillions of non-stinging Jellyfish. I was so in awe (& jealous)! That would be amazing. Life goal!
Here are some Inspo's (Inspiring Photos)...
{This Artist drew this} Alice-You'll like! These are the kind that make me a bit gaggy, but captivated! Rare Species: The human jellyfish! Question is, does she know this? Does this come in an adult size? I have a few jellyfish photos at home that i'll scan and add tonight. So cool!
PS> Little Gizmo is famous! Happy Birthday Gizmo :) He's a daily puppy today!, Go here! (He's 3rd row, 4th in, {he's got his pout on} and scroll down for his little story *love*)


  1. Crazy stuff! Cute costume!

  2. Who is the lady singing on your blog, LA?

  3. Hi Joy :)
    It's Regina Spektor. Seriously, ALL of her songs are AMAZING!!!

  4. ewww...I don't share your love of jellyfish LA. Sorry - they're just gross. Like, live and let live but please don't brush up against my leg...

  5. Hee Hee Hee - I am not sure how I feel about Jelly fishies. On survivor it was an amazing thing. But I have also seen the movie "Sphere" at least I think it was Sphere.....where Queen Latifa goes (sidebar they are in a under water sub or something) out to fix something and all of a sudden all these jelly fish appear and acutally kill her. That movie though is based on your fears. Her fear was jellyfish and they killed her.
    And the lady with the hair - that falls under the "what the hell where you thinking!?!?!?!" category!!! :P



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