Juicy Inspiration!

Love the inspiration I gleened from this blog...pure beauty! Makes me want to knit and sew---or should I say learn how ;)
(the framed fabrics--Wow, so wonderful! This will look beautiful in our bedroom at the cottage~! Jill, this would be great at the vam!)
PS> A special Thank-You to my good friend, Amanda Ross! She has been helping me prepare for the fast-approaching, Scattered Seeds! She is so awesome, and doing a super job! Thank-You so much Amanda!!! You rock!


  1. This pics are sooo pretty! Gotta check out that blog! Oh... and yes, I do need some shoes. We'll find a super funky pair when you're here (if we can fit it in!).... maybe something vintage?? :) I want some pointy toe heels in a fun colour or pattern... like red!

  2. Well, I know I rock....but thanx! :P LOL JUST JOKES! :) I really do love helping you Lee Lee. You inspire me to be a better artist (can I call myself that!?!?) Oh no!!!! What will become of the Freckled Nest Sweat Shop after Scattered Seeds!? We'll have to keep it alive! :) Love you a tonn, keep up the great work.



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