"it's gettin' hot in hur"

Grandma's nickname for me is either, Little Chicken(in a sweet way) or The Bacon Thief(In a "Hey! Leigh-Ann! Stop Sneeking the Bacon before Breakfast" kinda way). Depends. So Kody found these Bacon Bandaids (Alice & Jill, don't gag, lol. They are just pictures. No smell...or taste.) Anyways, we put one on my face. I'm the new Nelly. "Can i getta little huh-huh. just a lil bit a huh---it's gettin' hot in hur"
This is Kody's giant clock in his bedroom. It is so out of proportion and he had to hang it from a joist cause it's so heavy!. He's hilarious! And i am once again, reminded of my keen detective skills. Kody and I always try to beat each other to the latest Celeb News>> he usually wins, cause he has a good "Source"...which he will not disclose. (He says he'll leave it in his will) So!--While we were on the PC together last night, i went in his address bar and punched in each letter individually (man, my alphabet was rusty!). He was like, "ahhhh--whatever", that was around letter E...Well, did he ever become shifty around T... got to W, and i'm like "What's THIS Kody??", and i stumble upon one of his sources!! He tryed so hard to act like "Oh...i don't care, it's just a minor one, not my main one..." Too funny! Then he got protective when I tried another investigative route. Lol... didn't think i could do it, did ya Kody?!! Wahahaha!!
Here is Amanda Top Modeling one of the aprons that i'm putting on Etsy later today. The cantelope was a joke to Mom. You can kinda see Reese, her Dapple Daushound in behind her.
Here's Grandma and Grandpa (Mom and Dad) with one of their sweetest thing ever Grandaughters. The girls were wearing the same outfits though, so i'm not sure who Mom's holding. Let's guess...Kennedy? It's 50/50 :)


  1. She is holding Olivia, Matt was holding Kennedy most of the night.

  2. Gross bandaids! Blech... I can't even look at the picture, its like someone threw a peice of greasy bacon at you and it's slowly sliding down your cheek!!

  3. Amanda looks like she's giving birth to a canteloupe. Well that's nothing after having 2 babies twice that size.
    Sorry I was grumpy last night, forgive me?

  4. I never new you can buy canatlope without mold, ive never seen that breed of canalope before, its amazing what science can do with fruit these days

  5. So L.A. I love it that you and your bro have a contest with celeb news!! And he cracks me up that he says he'll leave it to you in his will!! Ahhh, that boy is fun-ney!!!

  6. ICK on the bacon bandaids LA...i'll never look at a piece of bacon the same again! ( it's kinda ruined my bacon 'n egg bagel from McD's now..I'll have to find a new love for a fast breakfast!)


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