*good things* are coming...

Lol, this is my first attempt at a Photoshop. *Snicker*...what a sweet robot! I'm lovin these little guys lately! I've been working really hard lately, trying to get things ready for Etsy... here's a little preview ;)


  1. hi leigh-ann. how are you?
    cute doily and whats the black and white fabric, i know what the stack of fabric is. the funny thing about the robot is i remember something like them when i was a kid, i shouldn't be saying this on your blog, people might know i'm not 30 then (LOL really hard or histarically).
    i went to vv boutique tonight to drop of 4 bags of STUFF....so while i was in the parking lot i thought i'd go inside(i never go there, and this isn't going to be like superstore) to see if i see anything interesting like you see interesting. maybe buttons, or vintage kitchen stuff.....NOTHING OF INTEREST (to me anyway). but i did manage to see the books, the magnet drew??? me over. i bought 6 really recent books that i've been interested in....one is the sidney portier book that oprah has just endorsed, probably from its first release. all for $2.99 each, hard cover and all!!!!!SO MANY BOOKS AND NO TIME TO READ THEM?????WHY,WHY,WHY???? WHAT WILL I DO, WHAT WILL I DO?????
    then over to my other favourite store, yah you guessed it WINNERS, just to browse, bought something for valentines for "ollie and kenny"...don't tell amanda, she'll be mad at the nick names.
    got to go to bed now, its pj day at school tomorrow. i'm going to dress up, what can be more comfortable than wearing PJ'S ALL DAY, and i'm going to wear those big panda slippers that we just talked about getting rid of..hmmm.
    talk to you tomorrow.

    love momma
    kisses good night XOXOXO

  2. PJ Day!?! I would love that!! Maybe wear a bra though ;) LOL!!
    You didn't find anything good at VV because i was just there the day before and scooped it all up!! You're so funny, you seem embarrassed that you went there, it's not a horrible place Mom, but BOY HAVE YOU EVER CHANGED!! You used to say you'd never go "there"...lol. It rocks!
    Ollie and Kenny... SO CUTE!! LOL< but yes, maybe we won't tell Amanda ;)
    Have a great day Momma, Love yoU!

    PS> JUst post already. You could be my Ed McWoman, you know my password--it's easy! And everyone loves you!


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