Shopaholics!!: It's this one :)

(Lol, my friends are in the states shopping it up, and i asked them to pick me up somemore of this paper... they called me from the store for a description....but describing it over the phone wasn't working, so i posted it here so they could *see* it... but they're sold out...oh technology) Jill: I have 2 sheets, would the cover paper of this one be good for your catalogue?

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  1. 'Twas very funny.
    Did I mention that the woman who was working the store that day TOTALLY looked like Natalie Manes from the Dixie Chicks!?!?! I told her that and she didn't know the name, but when I said she is the lead singer to Dixie Chicks she said, Oh yeah I get that all the time. I had people stop me in the airport for my autograph!
    Leigh-ann it was so funny, I was on their computer in the back, because she didn't know how to use a PC only a Mac.....and I was talking on their phone. It was so weird and funny at the same time. The entire time I was doing this, Tiff and Michele were shopping and my Mom was chatting with her......we were the only ones in the store. It was 10:30 a.m. on Sat.....hee hee hee.



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