Happy 50th Anniversary to the Youngest looking Great Grandparents ever! Tonight was so fun!! Thank-You Grandma & Grandpa! Grandpa, you're so cute the way you act shocked&stunned when the flash goes off. You did it 4 times... Loved it! You and Penny both!

This is 'Online Amanda' (LOL), just wanted to share her cute new shirt (love!) and her new blunt bob haircut. Unfortunately, I can't share her face... wish i could say the same for our goofy brother--lol, he always hams it up for the camera. "Hams it up" Am i 80?!
Kody-when you're old and kickit, the picture in your obit will be similar to this, but wrinkly, because that's still all we'll have to work with. Lol.

Placemat Journaling:
{LA & Dad taking photos}
LA: Dad, You're so swilly (Sweet&Silly)...
Dad: I'm drunk...on Orange Crush. (my dad's favorite drink, no matter what or where)

{Tyson compliment}
Tys: You look really nice hun :)
LA: Thanks :) I did something new with my hair tonight...
Tys: Ya, it's doing good things for your face.

{Leaving the Restaurant}
LA: Mom-I love your pants!
Mom: Thanks! (Blagh Face, Indicating Full)
LA: Ya, me too...
Mom: They're a little tight though; especially after a full litre of wine. lol!


  1. when did our father become asian(ish) looking, he looks like we was cast for a revenge of the nerds movie and who is that girl with the purple on her face is that clarke kent with glasses or batman with a 1 inch black strip on his face and you still cant figure out who it is

    o ya im gonna steal some of your pics, i dont see the copyright C trademark thing so there up for grabs

  2. He he he...."Ya, it's doing good things for your face."
    cracks me up!

  3. Momma said....2/18/2007 12:31:00 pm

    Really funny LA, I was busting a gut laughing.(Kody came up and said you need to SEE the blog NOW I mean NOW, he was going to wake me up last night to see it)
    I knew the orange drink was going to end up on here for sure. And whats with grandpa and the new sweater, with arm patches yet, very unusual for him, but cute.
    So cute.
    It was a wonderful evening for grandma and grandpa. Have a good day.
    Love Momma

  4. Love, love, love your glasses!!!

  5. LOL - totally love "on line" Amanda. I should have an "on line" Hailey...NOT! Relax Tiff....

    Sounded like a fun evening. Love the pics.


  6. Leigh-Anndra- So i'm confused, does your sister not allow you to put her face on this site? And if so, Why the heck not? SHe's so cute! I love love love the pic of you and your mom! I love her! Tell her for me, k? Also, fun convo stuff! always a joy! (To the brother: if you are reading this, you crack me up dude!) Last thing: Leigh-Ann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you avoiding my email question?? Huh?
    Love ya!


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