sweet finds

My new happy jewelery box :)

These wood steps are EG (Eventually Gorgeous) When they get their makeover, they'll of course be my favorite color, seaglass blue! I intend to use them for display, putting an album on each step :)
Here's some more yummy collections...

Have a happy weekend everyone!


  1. ok we are totally going out to some antique shops when you visit... you always find the coolest stuff! Love the box, and these steps are adorable! They'd make cute bedside tables too!

  2. antiques blah! It's all about the right thrift stores! We will go, oh yes, we will go! I will decorate your whole house, you'll be sorry! And buttons will fall out of the woodwork!
    It's almost March Ellice!!

  3. Hey LA,
    Missed ya last night cropping...you would LOVE Thelma's project she worked on last night. She's making a tribute album to her mother ( who passed away within this past year ) and it is AMAZING! It's all picures of Thelma and her mom starting from infancy and she made it all completely VINTAGE looking...laces, doilies, antique looking embellishments..just gorgeous. i will ask her to bring it to the next crop she comes to so she can show it off and share something beautiful with you!!


  4. Me and Thelma are friends now... and i'm definately inspired by her!! Wish i coulda been there too, missed yall...but i had lots of things to do, and just needed a night at home... any updates on 2L-Michelle's date or her drawer, lol!
    Hugs to Kim,

  5. My combo name suggestion: Tyson + Leigh Ann = Tyla (like Tyra)


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