...ah yes!


  1. Is this for real, dudet?? Did you put that on that sign, mr. Mc. Hammer?!! I love you girl!

  2. LOL, i wish! I found somebody who implemented my genius!
    How was the Bahamas, Mama?

  3. Ok that's just hilarious! LOVE IT! Also.... no pics of the buttons :( I love buttons... I want more buttons! (mission for march, buy cool buttons)

    Also, after posting my last post on my blog I was like oh yah.. March.. Leigh-nn!! Hahaha but don't worry, I'll make sure you're very well fed! (just because Im vegan does not mean that you have to be when you visit)

    Plus, tha collage of the cars and stuff is so wicked, he is such a good artist! Really inspiring!

    ok that's all for now!!

  4. OMG! That is tooooo funny!

    We have the Hammertime stickers on the Stop signs all over here too.

    Yes like in la-di-da West Vancouver, BC, CANADA!

    What is that all about - is it some covert MC Hammer club that is sweeping North America?

    The kids just laugh every time we see one - don't you have them where you are Alice?

    I'm going to take a photo for you Leigh-Ann.

  5. Went to take some photos and the stickers are all gone!

    My girl says that we need to go put some up again and keep the Hammertime thing going!

    I think yours is actually spray painted - sounds like a night job to me~

  6. i'm notorious for getting songs stuck in my head. thanks for the mc hammer obsession you have spawned!


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