all of them?

Yesterday was a fun, full and busy day. It was the Valentine's Open House at Keepsakes. The top picture is Takashi Iwasaki's work. He is an amazing Artist! This collage up close is WOW! Tak is also the assistant manager at Keepsakes. (Karen of Artrocks and Joyce the Manager of Keepsakes are the 2 ladies with Takashi) I met some new people, drank punch from a cute green teacup, and sold a few things :) Then I headed to my Sweatshop. When Amanda Ross helps me with Albums, her husband Sean jokes that I'm running a Sweatshop. But I pay well, with gifts :) Theres some fun pix of us, and her cute doga Isa (Who i call Mini-Lola). And we rocked it out to Gwen, and unfortunately, the Dream Girls Soundtrack (don't). It's a lot of belting, and long... Then we watched Legally Blonde and The Sweetest Thing. Movie Montage!! Oh, and we went Thrifting cause I had a good button-lead from Jill. A Big Basket of Buttons!!! I got there, gasped & squeeled, and asked the teller, how much for the big basket of buttons. She dropped jaw and said "all of them"?! Amanda and i just cracked! Then she called the other 2 shopgirls, and they discussed. Trying to figure out a price. I lowballed it and offered $5. The main lady seemed shocked and offended, "Well, there's 1000's of buttons there... How bout $6?" Lol, sold! What a difference a dollar made to her! And the picture of all the yummy paper is of all my WIP's (Works in Progress). There's 134 Albums to be made. Many of them for Scattered Seeds, but a lot of them, for Wholesale to boutiques. And last is my pretty new purse. A delayed Christmas Present from Mom and Dad. It was originally a wristlet, but it never arrived thru Canada Post, so Karyn of TrailMixDesigns was super awesome. Best customer service i've EVER had, and a supernice woman, offered to make a replica and send it off. I took the chance to upsize it to a purse, and here we are. I love it Karyn, thanks!!! Check out Emily from New Yorks blog, she received her tote :) Going to Mom and Dad's for family dinner tonight :) Celebrating Matt's Birthday. Ohh-I've said to much---


    Cute pics. See you in awhile.


  2. Oh Lee Lee you're too funny!!! :P We're your dreamgirls boy!!! :P Lol. Horrible pic of me with my boy hair, but I'll live :P. Fun had by all during your sweatshop :P

    ALL of them?!?!? Will be funny 'till the day I die!!!

    BTW - love the bacon bandaids. I used to steal bacon before breakfast was ready too!!!! :P My mom would cook the bacon (4 pieces for each person, or whatever) and then she would put it in the stove to keep it warm, and I would sneak pieces, and then get yelled at because there wasn't enough bacon to go around!! :P Ah the good 'ol days. :P

    Manda Ross :P

  3. Ahh... $6??? That's so great. I think I paid 29 cents for 10 buttons out of the bowl and 4 wood bobbins so you got a good deal! Wait till they fill it up again and go back to buy another 3000 buttons for $6.

  4. what?! No picture of the buttons!?


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