not this weekend.

I'm not going to be listing on etsy this weekend afterall. Too busy shopping and creating! Yesterday, was the BEST day of MY LIFE (minus wedding day and my 25th birthday)!! I bought *get this* 709 vintage glass buttons from my new "Button Dealer", Marin of Vintage Necessities! It's like Crack! HALLAR!!!
My daydreams of swimming in glass are coming true!!
And I'm working on a Commission for *Sherry* today. A cute little album :)
Cropping was fun last night! Oh the stories we shared! My face was sore from craphing (crying laughter) so hard!! Good ole high school stories!


  1. Eeeee Buttons!!! I need more too!!!

  2. Or the day you were born!! look what we brought into the world...YOU!!(best day that is)
    You should put all your glass buttons in the bath tub,with candles around the edges, and lay in them!!! Your that in love with them, you would love that Leigh-Ann!!

  3. Maybe next weekend if your not too busy you can come for a sleepover and work on some homework for old times sack... lol... had a lot of fun telling stories brought back some old time memories.

  4. Well even though I didn't grow up with you, or went to school with you three, I had fun despite what others might have thought. Perception is a powerful thing I guess. Hey, maybe I laughed so hard my BACK hurt!!! :P I'm just a baba-ganush!!! hee hee hee.

    I love the song playing on your blog, I think it's played like 6 times... :P



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