This is the wristlet... that I bought from Karyn. When she remakes it, I asked her to make it a purse instead (larger too). I love the colors and how it's quilted (and of course the button cluster). Alice, you should get one too! PS> I won't be home till 1am-ish tonight... i'll call you Saturday. How'd the interview go? PPS> Grey's Anatomy should be on again tonight. You should watch the whole thing>>>It was Good!!
One more thing: Check out another Lil' Giz: DailyPuppy (he's sitting so cute. and oh those freckles....adorable!)

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  1. I submitted Gizmo for Puppy of the day! We'll see if he gets used!

    Call me Sat.. but I'll be busy after 4pm bc time.

    Interview went great, wont hear until Wed. if I get the job :( super nervous!

    Awesome! didn't know greys would be on, thanks for the tip... ill watch it for sure!

    i guess that's about it! I added the lamp to my etsy shop.


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