"Momma?" -Lola

This little wood highchair is for Olivia and Kennedy. A fun doll toy. We're going to change it to pale pink and maybe i'll add a little picture or word.
And I found this beautiful chippy crib fleaing with my new friend Thelma today. And I danced and squeeled once again. I paid, shopped more, and almost forgot it. That's me.
I don't have a person-baby so i used my furry-baby. Lola posed for a good hour of the sweetest photos. (She really poses. Its the Tyra in her.) I had to put Penny in the kitchen because she just wouldn't stop howling at the camera. (obvious in last photos)
I'm keeping the paint as is. Thats why i love it! We're going to make it into a toy chest for Olivia and Kennedy *heart*at the cottage. When we have a little girl baby, it will go in her nursery :) First, I need to safe it up, secure it and add a base.
Jill. Stop crying. I can't part. But if we have room, we should use it as a prop at Scattered Seeds!


  1. Holy crap! :P I was leaving another comment and then refreshed your blog to make sure that my comment was saved and this post came up!!! :) So you must be blogging!!!!!! ROFL!!!

    I like the bed/crib/toy chest very pretty and shabby chic! :P LoLo looks very cute in the bed.

  2. Rrrrr! No fair no fair!!! At least tell me and how much and where from cuz you know I'm DYING to know~! lol.

  3. ADORABLE! First off, Lola looks so much like Cleo it's silly, and I seriously want to meet Penny because I'm sure she's adorable in real life. In time, in time :)

    LOVE the furniture so much. great picks darlin! Have a baby so you can use the crib heehee. omg. designing a baby room would be so fun!!!! wow. so much to look forward to... yay! I bought a wedding mag today. Couldn't resist. It has the prettiest dresses. I know exactly what I want. Oh would you just move here please so you can come over every day!

  4. that little high chair is to freakin' cute!!!!


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