Valentines @ Keepsakes

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Myself and four other Keepsakes Artists (Karen Fuhr, Carol Schroeder, Susan Berry, and Joyce Winter-Schmidt) will be at this yummy music-filled event!
Drop in if you've never been! I'll be there near the beginning, hopefully with some new Valentines-Inspired pieces :)


  1. Pieces inspired by me! yay! haha just teasing! I love my name :) Sounds awesome hun! And wow...a road trip would be AMAZING!! We would have to go for like, a month though!

  2. Lola looks very serious in her photo shoot...i hope you pay her well by the hour...heehee

    ok Leigh-Ann, it's been 2 days since you've posted...i am having withdrawl! i check out your blog and of course, Heidi Swapp's blog every day, sometimes several times a day. well, at least whenever i'm on the 'puter ( just in case i miss anything...)Man....what a weiner i am!!! LOL!
    Anyway...time to share with us...

  3. Me and Heidi Swapp in the same sentence?! WOW! I have a good one coming tonight :) And it's my 99th post! I did add someone special Today, to my Inspired By/Links List ;)
    Be patient Kim Kim! Lol.


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