Today is my 100th post. Yay Happy Day.Mom and I made 2 Albums together last night. Her friend Sherry asked for one :) So i named them 'Mon Cheri'. They are similar to each other, with different embellishments. One is available for sale in my Etsy Shop. Check this out... Tyson is sharing his poetry, and I love it *butterflies*


  1. happy 100th post LA...may there be many more!!
    and thanks for adding me to your "inspired by" list...what a treat!
    i posted a new one tonight too...
    sweet happy dreams...

  2. happy 100!!!!
    great album..
    so cool you can do this with your mom..good times i bet!

  3. Happy 100th Anniversary post LA. Yeh we have the computer back, didn't realize how much I use it and missed it. Sad life I lead!!!(Mostly checking you're blog)
    I had fun last night except the very end with the truck, it took for ever for my feet to warm up. It was great helping you even though I kept messing up.
    Love Mom
    I wuv you!! Hope you had a good and happy day?
    Thank goodness it's Friday tomorrow

  4. Oh Happy day, Oh Happy day, When Leigh-ann hit her 100 post, when she hit her 100 post, she washed the cold away!!! hee hee hee

    Congrats baby! Nice book. Still love the song, who is it? WHO IS IT!!!!!! I think the cold has froze my brain, must drink hot chocolate..... :P Have a great day Lee Lee. Talk to you later.


  5. Just a drop in the bucket of what you are to achieve my love.


  6. happy 100th and the album looks fab!! Love it as always!

  7. just to let you know i found a new source, i won't know who good it is until you reveal how jealous you are of my new inside information, example: the more you bug my for my source the more i know that its a rocking source, if its succesful i'll leave the link in my will along with my other source, (but you can end me ealry just to find out the source (like some people do to get insurance money))
    anyways i was talking to my people and they say that britney and lindsay are opening a club together, the posting for job requirements entail
    -you can own underwear, but not allowed to wear them, and
    -when not wearing underwear you have to were a tube top as a skirt and move in inappropriate ways like climbing out of low riding cars at random times
    -you have to rapidly loose and gain wait will maintaining your chest size
    -not allowed to shower, and if you do you atleast after protect the grease buildup in your hair
    -your allowed to call in sick as much as you want but your excuse must be that you are having surgery ie. having your appendix removed (mutliple times)
    -if you have children you have to put them in harms way and then blame it on other people
    -if you don't have children then you have to adopt so many from certain countries (kinda like a scanvenger hunt, and then you have to give them names after food and objests like pizza or bookshelf)
    -you need a doctors note saying that you have had atleast one cureable std, and you must sign a contract that you promise to contract a permant STD before working at the club for a year
    -as an employee you must start either start a record lable of create a cd no matter what your musical talent may be
    -your not allowed to chew gum on shift with you mouth closed you must chew with your mouth open and make mouth slapping sounds while chewing
    They havent settled on a name for the club yet but there either going with Club Crab Shack or Club Raid (like the insect killer spray)

  8. LA download some music by Lily Allen i think ull like her is kinda like coffee shop music (i think)


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