dude. you're callie o'maley!

{Warning: Major HodgePodge Post}
(Note: Clean Edges! Usually the edges are frayed. This looks much nicer!)
(This was the tote we made for Mom for Christmas)
A List of Random Thoughts & Updates
- Blogger forced me to upgrade today. It's actually good. And it didn't wreck anything. I'm hoping it quits being stupid. ie. Old Blogger: If you click on a selected post, it deletes everything. That had me snarling a few too many times.-
-Tomorrow: Crop at Kim's with Michele, Amanda Ross and Tiffany. I have a group of friends? This is weird. I'm usually a 1:1 friend. I will strongly resist shopping. Just going to have fun, craft and get hardly anything done. Will update with my non-purchase success?
- Amanda Ross and I had a nice lunch picnic today. In my office. :)
-Amanda Ross' name isn't really Amanda Ross. I just never adjusted when she got married. She gave up on me. The unfortunate thing: I've got other people calling her that now.
-Kody's Test: My brother, Sweet Kody, is going to be a Police Officer. He had a major test tonight (which he was almost late for). I hope he did good.
- Grover: When will i meet you?! Me and Amanda keep our eyes peeled for you whenever we're at Dalcrafts or SBD. We always joke, i'll just blurt out "Are You Grover?!!" Hense the link name. And what IS LIITD? Is this YOUR company? I never get it.
- Seriously! Grey's Anatomy is real to me. I nearly lost my voice and peed my pants laughing so hard at the Callie O'Maley-ness, And then when all the doctors are passed out, i gasped, actually worried that they were hurting. It-is-a-show-Leigh-Ann!! And the office was really good tonight too.
-I am officially (lol, almost) caught up on all my tote 'orders'. I have 2 left. Aunty Sharleen. But she said they can be whenever. Which they just might be, because i really need to get some books made. And i'm all toted out for now.
- Four new totes will be listed in my Etsy Shop this weekend, along with a lot of other items. Handmade Vintage Windchimes, Vintage Finds, Vintage Approns, a Robins Egg Tea Set!! (I KNOW!!), 2 old recipe boxes, etc...
-While we were visiting Grandpa today... Amanda(sister) was telling Grandpa how she made Apple Crisp with unpeeled apples(a matt-thing)...and then Tyson's eyes light up...(Baking)...and i'm like, "You, mom of newborn twins, have time to bake?!" Shouldn't have asked!--Apparently, she bakes a lot now! Tyson now equates having babies with baking! More PRESSURE!! Eeeeeeeee~!!
-Check out this woman! She is so awesome! Karyn! and her Etsy! I ordered a wristlet from her. But unfortunately, (Not Karyn's fault, Canada Post had "misplaced" it, and it has not arrived. We waited and waited...but no wristlet (Alice-It's for our shopping trips! It'll go with my new military inspired Etsy bag! It's sweet!) Anyways... back to the story. So Karyn, gets all in a customer service fret and feels horrible, and i'm like "seriously, i can wait. it's OKAY!" In the end. Some postal worker is walking around with my very pretty handmade paris wristlet, and Karyn wants to make me a new one. The thing is, she didn't have any fabric left. SHE LITERALLY DROVE BACK TO THE UNITED STATES (she's from Ontario) JUST TO GET FABRIC FOR MY WRISTLET!! I told her no, but she really wanted to. Maybe she wanted Cherry Coke too? Anyways, check out her store and blog. She's hilarious too. What a great woman!
-I really want to go to the Mulvey Flea Market and VAM this weekend. Grover, wanna go with me? (for real) I'll be the one randomly asking people if they are Grover...
- Hi Alice :) March is comin!!
- Stampin Up Party at Michele's. Need Old Olive Eyelets. Will that be all i get?!? {play Jeopardy Theme Music HERE}
-I work this Monday. (Usually i don't work Mondays, except the first Monday of each Month= Month End) So it's going to be a full and short weekend.
-My grandpa is hopefully coming home from the hospital tomorrow. He has a really hard time breathing and was rushed there in the middle of the night on Monday. From yesterday to today, he has REALLY improved!!! Thank-You God!! I was quite worried. Please keep my Grandpa and Grandma in your thoughts and prayers! They are very special people!
- My other Grandma and Grandpa just got back from Hawaii today. They're Snowbirds (they go every winter for a month). I'm glad they're home safe and happy. Can't wait to see them!
- Donation Request: Does anyone have buttons they don't need/want? I like buttons. Especially glass ones and robins egg blue colored ones. And old ones that are cracked like the bottom of my moms feet.
-I'm aching for summer. Can't wait to get to the cabin again. :) And Garage Sale with Holly! :)
- American Idol was so funny last night. Oh Simon. When he discovered that that guy had trained to sing with "Learn to Sing Like a Star/Randy and Paula".... I couldn't stop laughing!! And as if i didn't cry when the older man sang for his late wife. that had me!
-What am i going to wear tomorrow?! Guess i'm up for another hour...way to plan ahead LA!


  1. ok wow. I feel like I should have taken notes while reading that post! First off, hope your grandparents are doing well, it is always scary when one gets sick. (My grandmother is not doing well lately).

    American Idol was hilarious, I cracked up during the same part.

    Love the wristlets from Karyns shop... tried to find the one you bought, but not sure what it looks like.

    Super excited for you to update your shop. You've inspired me to make stuff.

    LOVE grey's anatomy but only saw the last 10 min tonight because I was at work.

    Don't play with guns :)

    A group of friends? Whats that? :)

    Later darlin! ps... off work tomorrow (friday).. call me!!!

  2. I'm STILL so mad that the post lady is strutting around with your VERY CUTE wristlet!!! And cherry coke wasn't the draw...it was chicken wings ;)

  3. Oh...I cried too at that guy singing for his dead wife. Boo Hoo...

    BTW - I love the new way you're folding the edges on the patches. Much more finished looking.

    Cool wristlet - you have too many purses girl!

    Come visit VAM if you can. I'll have the dressform there. We're out of town (grand forks) with the sils and bils but back on sun.

    Have fun fleaing!

  4. i resent that Jill! Too many purses?! No such thing! And this one was a Christmas Gift from Momma :) But she asked me to order it because she doesn't have a paypal. The Military one... thats a differnet story. it had my name on it. I started using it today, and it is awesome! Tyson keeps making fun of it-says its not military. Whatever.
    What is Sils and Bils? Have fun in GF! Pick up some more robin's egg paints :)

  5. jill, i should give you a purse *wink*... go to target while you're in GF>> They have a good selection, you'll find something that "suits" you. *snicker*


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