new toys

A good mail day, these are my new stamps from Cats Life Press!! For now on, one will be embossed at the back of each album! And the crowns are just for fun. ;) Grover, you like?
Friday tomorrow! Let's all exhale. Tyson and I will be working on the new Pretty in Pink album collection, Vintage Chimes and I'm going to the Wonderful Wedding Show to scout for next year as a vendor. And I have two totes to complete. We're getting ready for next Saturday... Featured Artist at Keepsakes... more info to come this weekend.
Favorite webs today: 1) the new Vintage Cottage Website, i LOVE it! 2) Alice's Self Portrait, beautiful! 3) This! So Sweet!


  1. love them!
    we got the same crowns! see-creative minds think alike!
    book stamp is purrrfect for you!

  2. Love the stamps!! I love crowns too! And isn't Donna's daughter the sweetest thing? All of her pillows are sold too... she's doing better than me! enjoy the wedding show! and think of ideas for me while you're there ;)

  3. Tee Hee...glad you like the site! I'm working at is slowly.

    Luv the stamps. Sorry to hear you didn't win the nest! That SUCKS! At least you didn't win a shirt that came melted looking and had a tag that read - do not expose to sunlight...what??? lol.


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