Jenny from New York; Jewelry Tote

I'm in desperate need of this discontinued 12x12" Seven Gypsies Paper(above). If anyone has, i will gladly buy it and pay whatever shipping. Even one sheet is helpful :) Or email me if you know where i can find it. Thanks.
Man, I sound like an addict, lol.


  1. Hello Sunshine! Guess who has TWO sheets of that paper, as well as two sheets of it in the black with white type!? Me!! Let me know if you want all four sheets, or just the white and I'll ship em out to ya!

    PS... so excited for march since our phonecall!

    PPS.. LOVE the song on you blog, gotta buy that CD.

  2. why dont u have my page of myspace on here with your links by the was this is your brother


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