Today was awesome. Firstly, FREE PHOTOBOOTH!! I went to the Wonderful Wedding Show to scout for next year as a vendor. Tyson (who works at the Convention Centre) was there, so we had a nice lil lunch together, and I later called him from the cell to tell him about THE PHOTOBOOTH! Awesome!
I connected with some really cool people and companies. Got some ideas for Alice's wedding, and--- some exercise. Lol, there was A LOT of booths! My favorites were
PULP & Circumstance, Candie&Dolls, Megan Thom Photography, Five Small Rooms, Glitz, Wedding Bells, Ce Soir, and of course-- PhotoBooth Man!
I had coffee with Jill and then we went flea marketing and I found a few good things, my favorite, an old stereoscope card called "They lived happily ever after" --awwww. It's from 1900. The year!
We also went for a visit at Amanda and Matts. Matt had an episode... trying to get an invisible scratch off a picture frame, that then, wouldn't sit straight. Amanda and I just kept snickering. He is 'Crank'(the movie); so much energy. lol. Olivia and Kennedy are supergreat. Olivia, "my future business partner" kept looking at the scrapbook papers Amanda framed on the wall. (Good idea btw! Use a wide matte frame, and frame your favorite SB or patterned papers. Like 4 frames in a square or whatever. and when you get sick of the paper, just change it up with a new print. it looks awesome. Amanda's idea. Kennedy and Olivia are really amused by them. A good crafter sign!)
The only bad thing today: I didn't win the nest stamp i wanted on ebay. I bid 10 seconds too early. Someone else uses the same meathod i do, and won it. I was mad, it was actually funny... i went from super happy to oddly frustrated in a second. I'll have to wait for another one to come up. I wish it wasn't retired. They keep going for $40. Thats insanity. I guess other people love nests as much as i do.
I'm a link monster today! I love myself, lol. That sounds bad. But you get me.
You all might ask. Wow...that was a busy/full day. How did she do all this? My new way- waking up early. Big in Asia. lol. Maybe we'll make a morning person out of me yet...


  1. Hi LA
    YOU DID HAVE A BUSY DAY!!! I love your post, you have so much energy in you voice and sounds like you had a fun day. The pictures of you and Tyson are really cute, that would be your dream, to have a photo booth in your living room. I like the 1900 picture--cute. I miss Olivia and Kennedy, its been over a week since I saw them last, have to wait till this nasty cold is gone. Boo Hoo!
    The concert was great last night but we had these A%&@*#e's beside us that had to be 6' tall, came late and then stood in my view the whole time, not even looking back to see if he was blocking my view.#@#$#%%*(*^%%$##!!!!
    Oh well, love your blog, check it often!!!
    Love Momma

  2. OH, I forgot to say, its nice to hear your getting up EARLY, you can get alot more done. If you don't read the newspaper like me!!!

  3. wake up early?? what's that? :) I guess when you don't go to sleep till 4 am it's a bit difficult to do!

    Anyways, glad you had fun at the wedding show! love the links!

    Photo booth shots are ADORABLE!! You look gorgeous in the one on the lower right.

    I went to Granville island today! Lots of fun, can't wait to go with you!

  4. How gorgeous is that candy & dolls store? Very posh. Good linking girl!


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