inspired life - one

Occasionally, I am going start sharing photos that inspire me, of animals(& nature).
Today, it is little birds.
These photos let me feel how big and small the world is, vibrantly displaying color like no person can create. They make me wanna cry and smile all at once. Most of all, they make me excited. I love nature. I love how it can happen without humans at all. I love how beautiful it is. And i love that God made it all. Pure.
I did not take these photos. Just went bird watching online.;) Enjoy...
I Gasped! Love this photo!
Photo by Barry Byrd; how appropriate

Photo by Barry Byrd
I think this bird should be a little boy named Dawson. Photo by Linda Alstead

Photo by Kim Rollins
Photo by Michael D. (tyson is a bit freaked by this little bird)
This is my mom if she were a bird. So sweet and gentle. Beautiful.
Click on this photo to enlarge. it is amazing! Photo by Garrett Lau
Photo by Linda Alstead
Photo by Garrett Lau
Future Animals: Jellyfish, baby elephants, starfish, piglets, spiderwebs...


  1. Beautiful thoughts Leigh-Ann!

    Love Mom

  2. no wonder you were inspired - these are so amazing!


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