the new best thing

2 Things! 1) Amanda and Matt are Mommy and Daddy now!! eeeeeeeee!! (Making me and tys a very happy Aunty and Uncle!) The twins are born!!! 2 Beautiful little girls, Olivia Brinn and Kennedy Reid *love love love the names*!!! The girls were born tonight, (13 days late) and weighed 6.2 and 6.4!! Amanda and Matt are thrilled about their healthy baby girls and family! I am so proud of Amanda. She is a very strong woman, and i admire her so much. They are going to make amazing parents to Olivia and Kennedy! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!! 2) Way less exciting, but a close second, lol. This is my new baby. A tote. I've been handstitching since Saturday, and am so pleased with its organizational capabilities and cuteness! Visit My Shop or email me if you'd like to custom order one! Ooooh-Ahhhhhh! You'll be prancing around just searching for items to fill your Personalized, Handstitched, One of a Kind Tote! With 24 pockets and spots to tuck & store your gear, you'll be amazed at how organized you'll be, and happy with a beautiful way to Trot Whatcha Got!


  1. What a wonderful day, I haven't come down from my cloud yet. Beatiful job Leigh-Ann on both the baby write up and your beautiful bag. Should be a hit.

    Love Grandma (Mom)

  2. Auntie Leigh-ann,
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! This is sooooo awesome! :) Now we can shop for our nieces!!! :) I LOVE being an Auntie. I can't wait for Hailey to grow up, so I can braid her hair, and paint her nails....*tear* so exciting! :) On the other subject, WHERE DID YOU FIND THOSE BAGS!!!! Totally love them! :P


  3. Congratulations!! to your whole family on the new additions. I know that Matt and Amanda will be great parents, and the rest of the family will spoil those girls rotten. I am so happy for all of you.

  4. The girls must be adorable!! I love their names too! You'll be such a great Aunt. I love the bag too, such a perfect thing for us crafters!


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