Freckled Nest now has a website!! Very exciting!! Oprah, here we come! la


  1. Hi Leigh-Ann
    Just saw your website, really beautiful. You should be so proud of it, looks very professional.

    Maybe you'll be an aunty tonight!!!
    Can't wait to be Grandma, and meet our babies!!!!!

    I need to go and eat something and have a nap, I MIGHT BE NEEDED TONIGHT, hope this works.
    I was so depressed today, waiting and waiting for the call. It was not to be.

    Love, Grandma!
    I mean Mom

  2. Oh my goodness, so much has changed!!! Yeeeeeeee! I can't check your blog on my computer cause it freezes up, and I wanted to check it out today, typed in "" and was very surprised when a new website popped up! Wowie! Looks like business is going great for you, those smaller books are ADORABLE!!! Good luck with all of this, LA!!

  3. AAAAAAAH SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! I haven't even looked at it yet, but I will in a second. Just wanted to say he happy I am for you!

  4. I LOVE the new web site.



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