we're going camping...

...for a little holiday. no electricity, so that'll be interesting. but fun. just me and my bear(tys), and our girls. this our first ever vacation together, ever. not even a honeymoon, so we are super- pumped! i way overpacked, but then again, i wouldn't be Leigh-Ann if i only brought "the necessities". we'll be back wednesday night and then we're going to the cabin saturday morning. a little woodsy marathon. i'll post pictures of all the fish i've caught when we get back-lol! eeeeeeeeeeee! *i'm bringing crafts* LA :) super-great and super-healthy-super!! (inside joke)


  1. hi leigh-ann
    hi tyson
    hi lola
    hi penny
    i wonder where you learned to overpack, from yours truly. moi!!!!
    i checked out your latest blogs, CUTE!!!
    when will you hear about the contest semi-finalists?
    we'll see you on saturday, you'll be really surprised with what you'll find there.

    love mini me


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