we're back...

from camping. we had so much fun; it was really nice getting out of the city for a few days. but monday, we woke up and symotaniously said to each other "wanna go home?", and we're both like "yes"... because it was *hard* to sleep on the ground. we went swimming, walked the dogs, went fishing (no fish though), cuddled, snorkled, burned stuff (lol), and just had a nice time together, relaxing. enjoy the pictures...

i saw these button flowers on emilys site and *loved* them!! (i love buttons) so i made a few while tyson was fishing (aka: loosing hooks).

i *LOVE* this picture of our family!


  1. Aww, totally fun pictures!!! And I love those button flowers!!!! I'm totally going to have to make some as well!

  2. It was fun, I can't wait till next time! Have a wonderful day today and help me think of journaling ideas for my page.

    Love ya.



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