I AM FINISHED!!!! - YAAAAAAY!!! :) :) :)

I *love* the way my Color Theroy Album turned out. Love is an understatement, but yes, i couldn't be happier! I started the Album July 11 and have worked on it non-stop every day till now including my whole 2 week vacation. I think i took 3 or 4 days off. I'm mailing it on my lunch break tomorrow, and then i'll come home and crash. I have not slept much this weekend b/c i only realized last Wednesday that i had to mail it off a week earlier than i thought, so i crammed. I can't wait to post it and show Alice and Joy (my blog/sb friends) the finished product once the contest is over. Anyways, I really really need to get to bed, but i wanted to leave with this: Tyson, I am the most fortunate woman in the world to have You as my best friend, personal comedian, biggest fan, husband, partner in everything, and for forever- the love of my life! Thank-You SO much for encouraging me to enter this contest! I could not have done it without you! You encouraged me so much, listened, you gave great ideas, had so much patience, you were my partner, and you cheered me on the whole way thru! Because of You, I believe it has a chance! eeeeee :) Thank-You my bear! You believe in me like no one else. xox Now-I am going to bed, dreaming in *Color*. Mrs. Leigh-Ann Keffer


  1. Yay!! How exciting!!! Also...check this out... http://twopeasinabucket.com/cg_main.asp?cmd=display&seed_id=21747 !!! AHHH!!!

  2. Hey

    I will always be here, doing what comes naturally when I am with you.

    Sorry for being grumpy this morning.

    I love you so much button

  3. how sweeeeeet!! don't you love being in love!?

  4. Good for you Leigh-Ann. I'm very proud of you for this HUGE accomplishment. I think you have a very good chance of winning and I'm not saying this because I'm your Mom. You have alot of talent, I don't know where you get it, its not the same craftiness that I have. You have a good imagination and where did you learn all about colour the way you've used it.

    Love, Mom


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