stalling before the finish line

i'm finishing my ki album today and tomorrow; i'm for some reason scared to finish it. I know what i want to do, but i'm totally procrastinating!?! tyson wrote me a super encouraging email (hes at work today), and i still can't believe how supportive he is of me, of my dream, of my art. He is so amazing. am i enjoying the process so much that i don't want it to end, or am i afraid to release it to be judged? maybe both. i've invested so much of myself into this album, more than anything else before this. i love it!-i feel like an artist-finally! LA of FN


  1. its too bad you're not allowed to show your creation on your site, it is amazing!

  2. You are so amazing Leigh-Ann, so creative. You turn life into art, and it is so special to me. The finish line is in site, you will not be dissapointed.

    I love you.


  3. It's so great, Leigh-Ann! You'll love the finished project so much that you won't be able to stop looking at it!!

  4. i wish i could see it! I'm sure it's great, good luck!


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