Our Official Boston Tea Party

[Illustration by GemmaBear]

Late in February, I asked my friends and readers to submit photos and stories of their Boston Terriers... and so many cuties came in!! Prepare to oooooh and ahhhh and giggle at our puppies, they're the sweetest!! I'll do another club about Lola next time, and she's a mix of 3 or 4 breeds, so it'll be the Multi-Anything Club :) Enjoy...

Note: DiY Project coming tomorrow.

Mommy: Danielle Boston: Lily


Mommy: Ashley Reynolds Boston: Gertrude
Eep! We are total Boston lovers. Great idea for a club! This is our little girl, Gertrude. She loves to lick everything all the time, go on walks, sniff, cuddle, play tug of war, snore, chase our cats, toot and squeak toys. She's only 6 months old, and she is already so smart and full of personality! Boston's are the best in the world!

From Corella :]

Mommy: Miss Makes-a-Lot
Bostons: General Tso & Boogers
General Tso likes long walks on the beach, swimming, and digging in blankets!

Little BOOGERS may be blind in one eye but he doesnt let that stop him from adventures by the water

Mommy: Carrie Boston: Seamus O'Malley

Yay, this makes me very, very happy! I adore Bostons, after owning one I cannot imagine my life without one. Best pal is my little Seamus O'Malley who just turned three. He loves sleeping under the covers, MY covers. Long walks, strutting his stuff in his many snazzy coats, kiddos, chasing our three cats, and he SNORES like it's going out of style.

Mommy: Crystal Boston: Gaspard

My little guy loves to bark at snow. The neighbors are often heard saying "you hear that guy next door snoring" when it's really him. He likes to rip off buttons and eat them and sleep on his mom almost at all times. He loves to visit family and makes friends with every dog. He never ever barks unless he's playing with his dad. He hates baths and storms and loud noises. I never thought i could love a specific breed so much but I want 5 more of him now!

Mommy: Allyson
Bostons: Parker Riley, Bailey, Peyton

Peyton is a laid back, lovable 2.5 year old. He was named Peyton after Peyton Manning and very appropriately grew into his name because he now looks like a dog football player. He loves, loves, loves toys and chew bones.

Bailey, the oldest and smallest, is a hyper, somewhat neurotic, loyal dog. I swear he is able to have as much emotion as a human- if I cry, he sits by me and puts his paw on my leg. If I'm sick, he stays with me. He's my running partner even though he's faster than me. He also knows all my secrets. He loves balloons, sticks, balls, and pinecones. Oh, and being outside. All the time.

Parker Riley is our youngest. All his nicknames are something like "love, love" or "kissy butt", etc, because he is such a lover. He never stops kissing. He wakes up in the morning kissing whoever is next to him. (It drives Bailey insane.) He loves shoes and books. Missing something? Look in the backyard because he most likely took it back there. When we came back from New Year's eve, John found a string of my mom's ribbon leading out the doggy door.

Mommy: Mariah Boston: Ellie

she's 10 weeks old & she's literally a little ball of energy! when she's not cuddling, pooping, peeing, playing or eating she LOVES to sleep!

Mommy: Alice Bostons: Gizmo & Gidget

Gidget is still learning not to go to the bathroom in the house, but she is super sweet and loves to give kisses. She's got lots of confidence and has no problem putting Gizmo in his place. She has a little bit more of a snout than Gizmo so her breathing is better (less snoring/snorting) and her teeth are growing in properly.

Gizmo is only five but like a typical Boston he acts, looks, and smells like he should be living in a doggy retirement home. He has become far less nervous since his sister moved in. His anxiety about everything was pretty bad. When ever he heard us turn off the TV he would sit up and start shaking because he thought we were leaving the house. He now spends much more time hanging out with Him and I and far less time sleeping under the bed.

Mommy: Shahnnen Boston: Jackson

My BT is jackson--this is a baby picture, but he's still just as sweet! he's got such a huge personality--and he charms everyone he meets. he has a big brother-- a 100 lb. yellow lab named maddox. they are total foils for eachother and play all day and snuggle at night.

Mommy: Lauren Boston: Elton

Elton is 9 months old. He loves sunbathing during the day and snuggling under the blankets at night. His favorite activity is playing with the biggest dog at the dog park. He loves being outside and splashing around in his kiddy pool when the weather is warm.

Mommy: Leigh-Ann Boston: Tom Tooter

the cutest boyzzzzzz


  1. Oh my goodness, the pictures of them as puppies are the cutest!!! I love it :)

  2. omg i want one!! too bad we have chikawowows hahaha that's what my four year old calls them

  3. Cutest pictures ever!

  4. i dont have a boston, but do have a border collie. these pics and their stories made me smile! thanks for sharing with your readers! xoxo andie...

  5. I think the last Boston is the cutest for sure ;)

  6. holy cuteness!!!
    I can't wait to get my boston!!

  7. Oh my! I'd never even considered getting one of this little babies until seeing this. They are the cutest! GREAT idea to get them all together Leigh-Ann :D

  8. omg this is wonderful! i might copy!

  9. O.M.G! this made my day! thank you for such an amazing line up! great pics everyone, our dogs rule :)

  10. OHH!! I somehow missed this club request post! I have a (almost 10 year old) Boston! I love him like a baby! I loved everyone's pictures and stories! Bostons are the BEST!!! :) Thanks for sharing everyone!


  11. Boston Tea Party is a fantastic idea. so cute! I have 2 1/2 year old Boston named Chowder! He's a brown one though. I have a soft spot for these smash faces. Great post!

  12. This is AWESOME! Also, I just noticed that you have 999 followers--crazy!!

  13. They're all adorable! It was love at first sight when I saw Bob the Boston terrier on Ravelry, but I'm not sure how well a little dog would get on with my 8 month old husky..it might get eaten!!

  14. Those pictures are so cute!
    I have a French Bulldog, and they are so much alike!

  15. such adorable pictures of all the BT....

    Is your steering wheel on the passengers side of the car?

  16. Hello, I am your 1000th follower!! Just found you from a retweet on twitter. Immediately fell in love, because I have two Bostons: Liberty & Spyke, I love elephants (awesome elephant pic), and I have freckles!

    Looking forward to exploring your little corner.



  17. oh my gosh! so adorable! thank you for making me smile:) xoxo, juliette juliettecrane.etsy.com

  18. Oh my goodness, all the Boston cuteness is almost overwhelming!! I LOVE the Boston Tea Party, Seamus has the cutest friends. :) Thank you!

  19. @Angela ...it's regular drive, I think the photo was taken with my computer and it mirrored the placement. Totally looks like it though!

    Thanks for the comments everyone!! XOXO

  20. What a cute club! My cousin and his wife have Bostons I will have to tell them to check these pictures out! Too cute!

  21. we have an australian cattle dog. I have always WANTED to live with a boston terrier...these are such great photos.

  22. OOHHH I so loovvee Bostons!! How awesome are they? Bailey has wiggled his way between the boyfriend and me at the moment : )

  23. They are all so cute, my parents and sister have 3 bostons between them, I have to show them these photos!

  24. Oh my goodness what cute little nerdy dogs! The puppy pictures make me want adopt one right now!! how cute :) Thank you for the smile

  25. Oh, I'm so late, but I had to post because I just got my Boston last week! His name is Chuy and he is 9 1/2 weeks old. Love him!

  26. Oh my these photos are amazing, beautiful, best thing in the blogging world. I mean it. Might bet he happiest post I've seen in a long while. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing all thos doggie joy.

  27. Awww, so cute!! Wish I would have seen this post earlier, I have two rescue (special/medical needs) Bostons and LOTS of photos! ;)


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