I have big plans for You!

DIY COMING! Go to Dollarama and buy a few packs of these tiny foam Freckled Nest eggs and prepare for the cutest craft project tomorrow! I can't wait to show you!!
Let's Play 5 Random Facts. I'll share 5 LA Randoms. Then in the comments, you reciprocate if you'd like :) 1. Back to School has always been my favorite holiday 2. I don't like cartoons 3. I'm currently obsessed with Lightbulbs 4. There's a squirrel living in my roof. 5. Lola's name was Bobo when I adopted her.
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  1. i am so happy to have found your blog! this craft project looks super fun! excited to see what's next. best wishes to you! xoxo, juliette

  2. 1. I want to be a humanitarian worker some day.
    2. It seems that I work better when I get less sleep (?!).
    3. My eyes are hazel with yellow dots. Seriously, who has yellow dots in their eyes?
    4. I love making lists. And crossing things off them.
    5. Even though I hate black and I don't look good in turtlenecks, my favorite sweater this winter was a huge black turtleneck.

    This is fun! :)
    xoxo, Ivana

  3. Oooo, a DIY involving little eggs? Intriguing!

    5 facts:
    1. Dill pickles are my favorite food
    2. I wish winter ended on January 3rd.
    3. My current obsession is instant photograph.
    4. If I watch a scary movie I won't sleep for days.
    5. I'm sick and today I put on a crazy outfit to cheer myself up - it involves a vintage sundress and bright pink knee socks. Instant cheer.

  4. I can't wait to see what you have planned!
    1. I have 3 tattoos!
    2. I am afriad of spiders, but think spiderwebs are beautiful!
    3. I don't like chick flicks!
    4. My celebrity crush is Stephen Colbert!
    5. I'm a news junkie!

  5. Those eggs are so cute!

    5 facts:

    I met my husband at work
    I love to eat raw cookie dough
    I don't really like my current job
    I need positive feedback
    I love to play Super Mario Brothers for Wii

  6. Oh wow. They are gorgeous. I wish I could join in but I've never seen anything like that before. Maybe I can adapt it with something else.

    1. I am naturally blonde but it's too hard to maintain in the bush.
    2. I miss fresh bread.
    3. I am the second eldest of six kids.
    4. Pancakes are my favourite food ever.
    5. I really tried not to eat mcdonalds in 2010 but I just couldn't do it. I've now eaten it twice and it's only March.

  7. 5 random facts:
    1. Tora, my cat, was named Syndey when I adopted him (and that name didn't suit him at ALL!)
    2. I learned how to belt out high notes while singing by listening to lots of Kelly Clarkson.
    3. I have a giant marlin (swordfish) hanging over the mantle in the living room of the house where I live, and I hate it!
    4. My current obsession is bear softies and amigurumi.
    5. Tomorrow is my 25th birthday! Yay!

  8. I'm so curious about the DIY!

    *I have a twin sister
    *I'm allergic to cats
    *Cadbury's Mini Eggs make me very happy
    *I can't stop painting my nails black. I love it.
    *Red is my favorite color.

  9. 1. When I was younger, I was convinced I would marry Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains.
    2. I'm terrified of Oompa Loompas. Terrified. No really.. nightmares.
    3. I almost ran over my boyfriend a week before we started dating
    4. I hate cheesecake and am not fond of chocolate
    5. I sometimes pretend I'm a super famous person undercover on mornings that I have trouble staying awake. It's a fun way to wake up.

  10. 1. for fridica I totally have yellow specks in my eyes!! However, my eyes are green. :)

    2. I just had the sudden craving for gummi bears.

    3. White gummis are my fave...

    4. I'm super-terrified of a zombie uprising (doesn't matter that I know that this will never happen)

    5. I still pick up pennies that are heads-up

    Can't wait to see the DIY! :)

  11. Well I'm definitely curious about the DIY. Can't wait! Here's some random things about me:

    1.I've never used a dishwasher
    2.I smile at strangers
    3.I take seeds from neighbours' plants in the fall and plant them anywhere I find dirt:)
    4.I know one crochet stitch
    5.I learned to ride a bike at age 26

  12. I eat chocolate every day.
    I am a crazy cat lady (four cats). and a dog.
    I can't swim.
    My all time favorite thing to do is read.
    I work at home, in my pajamas.

  13. 1). My Lola was named Lady Luck before I brought her home.
    2). I moved from Alaska to Arkansas to be with a very charismatic young man.
    3). I currently intern at a women's prison and love it.
    4). I could eat an entire jar of peanut butter by myself.
    5). I talk to myself continually, and I am often embarrassed when I get caught.

  14. 1. My sister and I technically aren't allowed pets in our basement suite, but we share four cats with the neighbourhood.
    2. Sometimes when I'm lazy, I just straighten my bangs and call it a day.
    3. I was doing skipping songs/games with the kids I work with today and landed on 'O' for my sweetheart...Oliver? Owen? Orson?
    4. I hate shoes. And socks.
    5. Right now listening to Owl City, fun!

  15. 1. My gymnastic coach once told me my birth mark was a beauty mark and I have loved it ever sense.
    2. I just bought 13 books/
    3. I like to eat a handful of tootsie rolls at once because they taste better in a bunch.
    4. The olympic theme song is my favorite song and has been stuck in my head for five years straight.
    5. I accidentally bought turkey instead of chicken for the week's meat. And I am really glad i did. My husband, not so much...

  16. your facts are too funny!

    No1 I have tons of freckles
    No2 I've never broken a bone
    No3 I {heart} Swedish Fish
    No4 I dance to '80's music when I'm home alone :)
    No5 I love high heels & have a closet full but only wear flats for some reason!

    Thee End!

  17. 5 Random Facts About Amy:
    1. I still watch One Tree Hill...and love it.
    2. My favorite food is gummi bears.
    3. I want to simplify my life, but I can't bear to part with my piles of craft supplies.
    4. I don't like bubble gum.
    5. I only use mint flavored toothpaste.

  18. I can't find those eggs at the Dollarama here in Calgary! :( The Dollaramas in Winnipeg are soooo much better! My mom always find neat crafting stuff there and we just don't have the same selection! Want to mail them to me? haha!

  19. 5 random facts:
    1. for allyson - i dont like chocolate either and people always think i'm weird when i tell them.
    2. i'm really sick of my job right now.
    3. when i adopted my dog, her name was joy, now she's ladybug. much better.
    4. i just got my camera back from the shop ;)
    5. i'm enjoying all the rain we've been having in los angeles!

  20. i'm so craving mini-eggs now... :D
    1. 3 dogs :) - all mutts/adopted/strays
    2. 7th grade math teacher who is creative [?!]
    3. my parents are cuban. my dad escaped political prison and swam out.
    4. i am 5 feet tall
    5. at 27 i'm still mistaken for a child - just the other day a school bus driver asked me if i missed me bus!

  21. 1. I think I'm addicted to going to the thrift store.
    2. I shop at the discount grocery store whenever I can.
    3. I've never broken a bone. (knock on wood!)
    4. I used to write poetry when I was a teenager and have a couple poems published.
    5. I dropped out of college to move to the Netherlands to live with my boyfriend (who I'm now married to!).

  22. waaaaaah i wish we had a dollarama here :(

    1. i can burp on command
    2. even the trailers for horror movies scare the poop outta me
    3. i secretly swear like a sailor
    4. i have never been stung by a bee
    5. i used to have my lip pierced, many years ago

  23. Oooooooh, fun! Let's think...:
    1} We are six siblings in my family and I'm the 5th.
    2} I really really love my blog's banner that I made myself :).
    3} I love ravens.
    4} My two brothers are my very favorite people in the world.
    5} I don't have a best friend to tell my secrets to. I wish I had a truly good friend. Some day I will.

    Can't wait to the DIY!
    Oh, and I have a question - I remember you once said you had bought a tablet... Am I right? Could you tell me a bit about it? Please :) I want to buy one but I want to make sure it's fun to play with before I do... :) Is the Indie Biz image on this post was made with a tablet?
    Yes, I know I'm horribly annoying but I just don't want to buy one and then get disappointed... I hate diappointments :D.


  24. fun, fun! Let's see...
    1. My family all calls me Tess or Tessie or Tess Ann.
    2. I'm getting ready to get a new tattoo this spring...once we have sold our house. It's going to be an owl and cover up 2 tattoos on my left arm. yah!
    3. I have 3 cats and I swear it's like having kids. The 3rd was not on purpose, but we have big hearts. They are the sweetest things in the world and light up my life.
    4. I just got accepted into a year long certification course to become a Master Naturalist through the Audubon Society and DNR.
    5. I am an only child.

    That was hard. ;)

  25. cant wait for the diy!!!!!
    ---i dont like cartoons very much either and i really didn't as a little kid. i'm glad i'm not alone in this!!!

  26. 5 random facts about me:

    1.I'm waiting for my husband to come home with the ingrediënts for pancakes.
    2. I spend too much money on cute clothes for my 2 girls...
    3. I ate to much cookies to day but should go on a diët..
    4. I live in the Netherlands and it's really rainy outside, I want spring!
    5. Can't decide were I should got to for our summervacation.


  27. 1.I love chocolate coverd straberries
    2. I dream of being a stay at home wife/mom
    3. I like to watch Law and Order
    4. I love all things vintage.
    5.This is my last year of being a teenager and that scares me.

  28. I love DIYs!

    1. I am so excited to go back to college in september. Can't wait to start studying again.
    2. I'm addicted to chocolate. It's a bad thing.
    3. I'm currently reading 'The secret history of the world' by Jonathan Black.
    4. I drink lots of water. That's a good thing.
    5. I love me-time. Just doing nothing and being alone in my room one night a week.

  29. 1. I once shot a bullseye with a bull and arrow
    2. I love 60s rocks in all its forms
    3. I read abnormally fast. I can read a book in about an hour
    4. I am going through a serious cupcake phase. i've been eating cupcakes all around the country whenever I'm on trips
    5. I can't wait to be done with grad school applications so I can craft all the things i've been putting off for about 6 months now

  30. Hi Leigh Ann!
    Which Dollarama did you go to? I went out on my lunch break to the one on Ellice in the Polo Park area and they had oodles of eggs, but not those ones. Boo.
    So, I stopped at McDonalds on the way back to work and thought of you! Yummy.

  31. Can't wait for the DIY- especially if materials can be found at Dollarama :P
    1. I've spend $30 000 on education but I have no idea what I want to do with my degree.
    2. I only ever wear black and grey clothes but I'm obsessed with bright coloured accessories.
    3. My cat is named Lasher, which was a total mistake- his name should be Spaz Cat.
    4. I don't have tv, internet, or phone service at home.
    5. I actually think soymilk tastes 5x better than real milk, which is awesome because I'm lactose intolerant :P

  32. Dude! I'm excited to see what you're making with those cute lil eggs!! :)

    And here's my 5 randoms:

    1. I don't like milk
    2. I'm going to pretend that you didn't say you don't like cartoons, here (lol....). It's my job, yes, but I also watch & buy cartoons a ton! lol.
    3. I love Cadbury creme eggs even though I worked in a real chocolate shop and know that they're just sugar and wax.
    4. I'm only really scared of skunks, not creepy guys, on my late walks home - they're everywhere!
    5. I don't have a cell phone, and the more I see them, the more I don't want one! lol.

  33. 1. I absolutely hate being late and I hate it even more when I go to the doctors and there is a sign that if you are more than 15 minutes late you will have to re-schedule...but it is OK for the doctor to be as late as he wants to...
    2. I have been working out for the last 3 weeks and not lost any weight but gained 1 pound.
    3. I do the newspaper crossword everyday and I don't let anyone else work on it!
    4. If I have no where to go during the day, I wear my pj bottoms all day long.
    5. I love reality tv.

  34. 1. I am happiest when I am working on animations, especially stop motions and pixilations.
    2. I bought my first antique for $7 when I was 5 years old. If I hadn't actually played with it, it would be worth close to $400 now.
    3. I don't own Microsoft Word, or any word processor besides Text Edit, so most of my papers are typed on my 1949 Smith Corona Silent.
    4. My best friend is my 3 year old sister. (I'm 20.)
    5. I absolutely love the show iCarly. haha

  35. Oh 5 random facts... How I love these things!

    1. I'm developing an addiction to online courses

    2. I was convinced John Lennon was my 'real dad' til I was about 10.

    3. As a child I was traumatised by the belief that I was dying from TB which I never told anyone until I was 28 (by which time I obviously worked out I hadn't had it)

    4. I've been trying to persuade my hair to go into rolls lately (and failing)

    5. I have a bit of an obsession with names.

    Oh how fun!

    Rhiannon xoxo

  36. oooh the egg proj'egg't looks exciting : )
    5 randoms...
    1. even when I REALLY REALLY REAAALLY try my hardest to be on time i'm still usually cutting it fine! (very fine)
    2. im scared of the dark, clowns & mini people....im nearly 30!
    3. i strongly dislike my day job and fully intend to be self employed before christmas 2011
    4. Kevin from backstreet boys has kissed me on the lips!
    5. I love summer & sunshine - I think i get SAD but have never spoken to my GP about it incase they think i'm stupid.

    eepp..fun xx


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