Boston Terrier Club & 2 Winners!

One. 7079c0902e934c643821899c66545c78dfe24f76_m_large Let's start a club of all our Boston Terriers... we'll appropriately name it the Boston Tea Party ;) In the comments, link to your cutest pic of your Boston along with their name & a silly/cute little bio... and I'll compile them into a post in the next week or two :] Tom If you want a dog, get a Boston Terrier! Tom is the best dog ever, he learned quick, he's hilarious, has tons of personality (to the point that we forget he's a dog), he's the perfect size, loyal, headtwist-champ, snorts & toots, determined, cuddly, he smiles, he's active but takes breaks, he's bouncy, he loves other dogs, people and kids...and he walks on two feet a-LOT! Here are a few of his long lost brothers and sisters... 367804056_f7e703ef5c_o hi Gizmo, you're the one who made me love BTs! I love you forever! 6a00d8358081ff69e20120a81b921a970b-800wi hi Peyton, Bailey and Parker Riley (and Allyson)!! (made by my friend Michelle, I'm so in love!) Two. The Winners of the Buried Life Giveaway are... Megan & Shelbee, please email us your mailing address and we'll send off your Tie Take-Out pouches this week! Congratulations and thank you everyone for entering... your goals were so inspiring and beautiful!! Three. HAHA, whoever made this is a genius. (all photos linked to source)


  1. whoever made that IS genius dude...everything is good wrapped in bacon...even vegetables! when i finally get to make it to winnipeg for my visit (fall?) i'll have to make you my bacon wrapped green beans :] you'll seriously die they are so good.

  2. I love my Boston! She's my little princess..

    I'll stop now. I could post pictures all day :)


    Eep! We are total Boston lovers. Great idea for a club! This is our little girl, Gertrude. She loves to lick everything all the time, go on walks, sniff, cuddle, play tug of war, snore, chase our cats, toot and squeak toys. She's only 6 months old, and she is already so smart and full of personality! Boston's are the best in the world, and Tom is quite the charmer!

    Love your blog!


  4. want one so so bad. as soon as we move into our new house we are getting a boston!

  5. I don't have a Boston terrier but they look cute. Love that bacon sign too, you are right Leigh Ann, who ever made that is genius!

  6. I totally emailed Ellen about how you want to be on the show :)

  7. I adore your blog! And Boston Terriers!
    This is for you!

  8. I heart bostons!!I'll have to e-mail some pics of my Mr. Howler Do ;cause I'm not sure how to link it =}

  9. Cute! No Bostons here just two very adorable chocolate labs!

  10. OMG, i love this, so many of us have Bostons!
    I have two rescues and now they are living like kings!

    General Tso likes long walks on the beach, swimming, and digging in blankets!

    Little BOOGERS may be blind in one eye but he doesnt let that stop him from adventures by the water

  11. i love goldie's dream. who hasn't wanted to be a detective if only for a day?

  12. Yay, this makes me very, very happy! I adore Bostons, after owning one I cannot imagine my life without one. Best pal is my little Seamus O'Malley who just turned three. He loves sleeping under the covers, MY covers. Long walks, strutting his stuff in his many snazzy coats, kiddos, chasing our three cats, and he SNORES like it's going out of style.


    Gaspard Turkey Shields

    My little guy loves to bark at snow. The neighbors are often heard saying "you hear that guy next door snoring" when it's really him. He likes to rip off buttons and eat them and sleep on his mom almost at all times. He loves to visit family and makes friends with every dog. He never ever barks unless he's playing with his dad. He hates baths and storms and loud noises. I never thought i could love a specific breed so much but I want 5 more of him now!

    Crystal and Gaspard.

  14. got no boston terrier but i've got two beautiful dogs...
    and i found this cute etsy shop with nice paint, check it out its cute cute cute

    good night catherine

  15. AW! Thanks for posting the picture of my boys! They are so precious (so of course, I love this Boston Terrier club idea!)
    Oh yeah, I'll include a brief, fun bio of the boys:
    Peyton is a laid back, lovable 2.5 year old. He was named Peyton after Peyton Manning and very appropriately grew into his name because he now looks like a dog football player. He loves, loves, loves toys and chew bones.
    Bailey, the oldest and smallest, is a hyper, somewhat neurotic, loyal dog. I swear he is able to have as much emotion as a human- if I cry, he sits by me and puts his paw on my leg. If I'm sick, he stays with me. He's my running partner even though he's faster than me. He also knows all my secrets. He loves balloons, sticks, balls, and pinecones. Oh, and being outside. All the time.
    Parker Riley is our youngest. All his nicknames are something like "love, love" or "kissy butt", etc, because he is such a lover. He never stops kissing. He wakes up in the morning kissing whoever is next to him. (It drives Bailey insane.) He loves shoes and books. Missing something? Look in the backyard because he most likely took it back there. When we came back from New Year's eve, John found a string of my mom's ribbon leading out the doggy door.

  16. my names mariah (
    my boston terrier's name is ellie (named after the girl from up)

    she's 10 weeks old & she's literally a little ball of energy! when she's not cuddling, pooping, peeing, playing or eating she LOVES to sleep!

    here are some videos of her as well!:

    and lastly, she has a brother (who is a pug) & his name is bannon! (named after the lead singer of converge):

    sorry this is such a long post! i think i've taken a picture of her everyday since i got her! haha :)

  17. Awww! You posted a pic of my Gizmo! Yay! Did you know we now have a girl named Gidget? Her and Gizmo are the bestest friends, it's so cute. Tom is adorable!


  19. The little pups have the cutest smiles! Those under bites crack me up :)

    my BT is jackson--this is a baby picture, but he's still just as sweet!
    he's got such a huge personality--and he charms everyone he meets.
    he has a big brother-- a 100 lb. yellow lab named maddox. they are total foils for eachother and play all day and snuggle at night.

  21. Here are even more pictures of the boys

  22. Elton is 9 months old. He loves sunbathing during the day and snuggling under the blankets at night. His favorite activity is playing with the biggest dog at the dog park. He loves being outside and splashing around in his kiddy pool when the weather is warm.

    Elton at 6 weeks

    Elton at 3 months

  23. Hey! :) Thanks for the link love for my boston bag! I'm dying for a boston puppy. (sigh). one of these days, I'ma get one! They're just soooo cute!!


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