Fuzzy Friday "Lily"

Dog: Lily the French Bulldog
Location: California

I'm momma to a smelly french bulldog named Lily. Her absolute best trait is her friendliness! She has no problems going up to strangers (human, cat or dog) and inviting them to play or pet her. She seems to love everybody!

Fun Facts
1. When she's happy or excited her ears go back.
2. She smells like dried oysters 24/7.
3. She prefers sleeping in a plastic basin instead of bed.
4. She also goes by Smelly, Smelly Cakes and Lily Buns.
5. When I get ready in the morning (teeth/makeup/hair) or get ready for bed at night, she will always lie ontop of my feet.
6. When she wants me to throw something that's currently in her mouth she'll 'give me five' and take off running... kind of like she's pressing a release button!
7. Lily has her own blog... soooo cute!

Share your Lily Quote (what you'd write in her thought bubble) here in the comments. To download Lily's bubble photo, click the photo for a larger version, then right-click and select "save image as". Print and add text manually or via photoshop.

Thanks so much Izabelle, Lily is such a dream dog!! xoxo, LA


  1. Pipkin (our Frenchie) does the same thing (#5). She'll lay right on top of my feet if I'm in the bathroom. I love being a bully family! Pip and our English, Georgia, get all the attention at the puppy park. They're dream dogs and Lily is presh! xo

  2. I ditto loving having a bully family.
    We have 2 Boston Terriers and an Old Southern American Bulldog. I never thought I would have such a houseful of drool, but it's a dream come true.
    (Don't tell our Bostons, but I secretly also want a frenchie, they are to die for!!!)

  3. Lily's saying in a dramatic voice, "but i don't WANT to get up! I'm SOOOO tired! See?!" hehe she's a cutie <3

  4. I laughed out loud at Sparrow's Nest's comment...hahaha

    Thanks again for this LA :) Hugs and kisses to your furbaby too!

  5. This is adorable! I want to show off my pup! :)

  6. aww thats really cute :) and it's funny that she gives you five when she wants you to throw something.


  7. OMG!!! I just dies a little bit form cuteness overload!!!!!

  8. "I played SO hard... I deserve this nap"

  9. OMG I am going to be Lilly's number one blog fan

  10. oh my GOODNESS. that last photo is AMAZING. hahaha


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