Fun Things and Help Wanted

1. I love this photo set 

2. If you hang out with me, you'll hear many impersonations and Oprah's one of my faves... when I found this mash-up, I cracked up!

3. Click this... it will definately make your day!!!

4. I'm working on my blog makeover which will launch December 1st but I'm at a stand-still and I need your help please. I'm looking for a signature font and the 'Sweep' font on this little box I saw at the Flea Market is exactly is what I want it to look like. If you know where I can find a font like "Sweep", please email me or leave a link in the comments. It doesn't have to be a free font, I'll pay for it if needed. Thanks for any help you can give :) 
(Note: I've already seen Tamarillo and Wendy Std but they're not quite right).
I can't wait to share my new FN blog with you!!!


  1. what about Little Days?

    It is a cute one...good luck!


    You can type in the words you want to look at, and it will show the words in every cursive font.

  3. Woah....diggin that typeface. I took a quick peek around and wasn't able to decode the name however...these two sites are SO helpful in times like these:

    1. What the Font - image based

    2. Identifont - question based

    I might try submitting the pic of the face to the What the Font forums and see if anyone there might know. Vintage script faces are the trickiest to find. Good luck...excited for the re-design!

  4. Oh wow, that is a GORGEOUS font! Good luck finding it!

  5. What about one of these fonts?

  6. Cocktail Shaker is fairly similar in overall shape and style, but a bit thicker

  7. Oh yeah, I just remembered Jiffy. It's a bit more handwritten, and cutesy.

    Cocktail Shaker is more Art Deco and retro...

  8. Here are a couple that are pretty close!

  9. halo handletter is the closest I could find. I like the swooping S!

  10. Oh, I think I might have something for you!
    I added them to my flickr but you can check them here

    I think picture #5 is nice. These are all from house industries.

  11. I was bored and scoured the internets for a while, too, but came up with nothing. If you look closely, the two E's vary quite a bit, which makes me wonder if isn't a handwritten logo. The best of luck to you, it is a cute font!

    And I loved, loved, LOVED the Oprah mash-up :P

  12. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I can't wait to see what your blog makeover will look like.


  13. I have no idea, but you could always as a graphic designer who has experience with designing their own letterforms. They could probably design something for you!

  14. This site has a ton of really neat fonts, tons of handwritten ones.

    They also can make fonts if you send a sample of your handwriting so I'm sure they would be able to whip something up for you.


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