September Feature & 7 Giveaways!!

Freckled Nest aims to feature blogs, shops and people that share a love for handmade, vintage, beautiful things and a creative life :) Today's feature and giveaway encourages you to travel through my sponsors shops & blogs leaving encouraging comments along the way! And as a reward, one person will win all 7 gifts from our sponsors! I love my sponsors and hope you will too :)

If you'd like to be a Sponsor and Feature in October, information can be found here. xoxo

How to Enter the BIG Giveaway
Leave an encouraging comment on each sponsors blog (links below), then write your name and email address in the comments of this post and in a few days, we will draw & announce one person who wins everything!

Fancy Cat Vintage: Shop (& mailing list)
Giveaway: $20 Gift Certificate to FancyCatVintage
Oh Hi: Blog & Shop
Giveaway: Ampersand Stitch 4x4" (your choice of thread color, see shop details)

Dirty Laundry: Blog & Shop
Giveaway: Autumn & Lavender Cupcake Bath Fizzle
Cactus and Olive: Blog & Shop
Giveaway: Paper-Crafted Airplane Baby Mobile
One Late Night: Blog & Shop
Giveaway: The Hide Tide Nautical Plush Camera

Grrfeisty: Blog & Shop

Giveaway: Custom Bunches of Flowers Headband

Sweet Birdie Blue: Shop

Giveaway: Candy Striped Cushion Cover

Skye Reve Fabrics: Shop
(no giveaway item)
If you'd like to be featured as a October sponsor, please email to reserve your spot (I'm accepting October sponsors till Saturday, Oct 2nd).
Thank you to all my September Sponsors and Supporters, you're wonderful!
Hugs, Leigh-Ann


  1. Lovely sponsors - and now I have a few more blogs to follow. Thanks!

  2. Tiffany

  3. gorgeous sponsors!!!! Kim Whalen-

  4. Sweet giveaway from sweet shops! Following some new-to-me blogs now. :)

  5. eeee :) i have bought from a few of these before :) great idea xx

  6. Such an amazing giveaway, and so many awesome new blogs for me to follow!!

  7. whew! that took a while! great blogs and products. wasn't sure where to comment for Sweet Birdie Blue (but that would be great in my Emmy's room) and Skye Reve Fabrics (which would be great for a girly quilt). thanks so much for sharing your sponsors with us- they are talented!!
    hope i win!

  8. yikes bikes...soooo many pretty things. and good blogs to follow to boot! whoever wins this is the luckiest person everrrrr.

    amy morby

  9. i love that whoever wins will feel like it's Christmas! You have awesome sponsors.

  10. This giveaway you hold each month always impresses me, what giving and lovely sponsors you have. (kate,

  11. Wow, what great blogs and great prizes! I had a great time reading through them and got lots of inspiration :) (amanda.brekhus at

  12. Once again... amazing sponsors. I love visiting all the shops and blogs. A great way to spend my morning!

  13. everything looks great LA! thanks ;))


  14. Love the giveaway!

  15. Hooray for cute new blogs and pretty little things!! Thanks for doing this. *smile*

    --laura elizabeth

  16. Hello from a fellow Canadian! I just finished posting on all the blogs, and oh my, what cute wares they have! Thanks for being a great inspiration, I love your blog!

    -Lauren Stennett (

  17. Ashleigh

    How fun!!!

  18. What great advertisers this month! I posted comments or favorited shops.

    Gorgeous sponsors! They all look great and now off I go to visit them all!

  20. I can't figure out how to leave a comment for Fancy Cat, but I've left messages/comments everywhere else (I'm pretty sure). Thanks for the great sponsor post, LA, and thanks to the sponsors for donating your stuff!

    squirrelgonutz [at] yahoo [dot] com

  21. I didn't know which blog to post on for Fancy Cat, bu i was very excited to see them featured. I ordered a butt-load of stuff from them a few months ago when they had a huge summer sale on etsy!

    When I initially started leaving comments on these blogs, I was doing it for the giveaway, but now I follow all of them.

    Thanks for posting and I hope I win!

    samantha locey

  22. everything is so fun and pretty!!

  23. I enjoyed my tour through the sponsors. :) Thanks for the fun & the giveaway!

  24. Oh my gosh! That plush camera slays me! All the goodies are fantastically AMAZING! Thank you for the giveaway! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  25. So much beautiful stuff all in one place! And I'm dying for OhHi's ampersand art.

    Should I happen to win [FINGERS CROSSED, FINGERS CROSSED!], you can find me at suburbansweetheart at suburban sweetheart dot com. And as always, thanks for bringin' the pretty!

  26. thanks chicky (yes is trace from land down under & i doing ok!!!!)

    the girls will leave their mark on all blogs and big kisses to u,
    trace xxxxxoooooxxxxxxx
    ( the font u added Xx)

  27. I left comments and spent some time roaming around their shops...I found lots of great and creative stuff :)

    batzyshop(@)g m a i l . c o m

  28. Such awesome sponsors, as usual! There were only a few blogs to leave comments on, yes?
    Sarah M

  29. beautiful sponsors! I had lots of fun exploring their lovely shops.


  30. So many lovely blogs and shops! I love the giveaway goodies!

    xo, Cat

  31. What a cool way to do a giveaway! I'm so glad I got to check out all these (new to me) blogs :)

  32. so fun! I have to say I really enjoyed Oh Hi and Cactus & Olive!


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