"Big Bear"

My family has a little joke about "Big Bears" so when Keith and I saw these stuffies at the Canada/USA border, we had a giggly little photoshoot :)
Today we're going shopping in Fargo (I've tracked down the thrift stores and we'll visit Target for sure... it's like a Candystore to Canadians!) Going out for dinner tonight then heading home (4hr drive) to Winnipeg... I miss Lola, can't wait to snuggle with her tonight :) Time to get in the shower, I've got major bedhead, hehe (and I have black hair now... meant it to be dark brown but something went wrong) :) xoxo, LA
ps. Violet, I already miss youuuu!


  1. you guys are cute. :)
    Target is exactly like a candy store to us Canadians! Love it.
    Black hair?? Oh my. I'm sure you look beautiful. It'll be a nice dark shade for fall.

  2. It's SO funny you say that! I'm from Grand Forks. This past weekend, I literally said, "There are so many Canadians here. It's like they're kids in a candy store!"
    Have fun in NoDak!

  3. Hah! I totally just did the same thing to my hair. I used to dye it reaaaallly dark in highschool, so it's like an accidental flash from the past. lol.

    And yay, Target! Why don't we have one here?? Anthropologie is kind of my candy store when I go across the border, too. Yummy. :)

    Sounds like you're having fun, LA!

  4. you are so cute! :]

    TARGET -- yay!

  5. i love black hair!

    also, would you be interested in participating in my project? http://sendmeaninstantphoto.com

  6. Im super glad you enjoyed America! (: But its always nice to be back home!



  7. omg! I love Fargo!!!! that is def. what I would do when I visit; Target & thrift stores!!!!

  8. you don't have Target in Canada?!?! what do you doooooooooooo?!?!
    you are too cute.

  9. You are both having toooo much fun at my expense!!!

    Love Momma

  10. ooh fargo...that's like my homeland...people in OH always say i talk like fargo....too bad i grew up in central MN but well, i'll admit, i do kinda sound like it :)

  11. Funny, I just dyed my hair and it was supposed to be dark brown but it looks pretty darn black. I kinda feel gothic. I hope you enjoyed Target...I always do!


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