Lucy lives down the street from my house, is much puggier now and loves keeping watch :) Her dad used to dislike dogs but when his son/roomate had a pug and moved out, he missed the dog so much... this little Lucy soon joined his bachelor pad :) Adorable!

If you'd like your pet considered for a Fuzzy Friday feature, please email me
- your pets name and best quality
- your name + blog address + hometown
- a few cute portrait pics
- fun facts or stories about your fuzzy friend


  1. I LOVE pugs! What a cute idea. :) Someday when I move out of a condo we are so getting a dog, maybe a pug...and maybe I will be silly and send you pictures of my cats. :)

  2. Aw, adorable! I might need to send you some pictures of my pup. He is the cutest dog in the world, of course. :-p

  3. i will def send you a pic of family's lil' guy, peyton. hehehe. this is so fun - and i love that pug!!!

  4. I also love pugs. When Chico never dies, I'm going to get one.

  5. such a cute puggers! i'll be sending you some pics of cyrus later :)

  6. I'm such an animal lover. What a cute pug ;)

    Unfortunately I have only a hamster, otherwise I would participate.

    xo, Mel


  7. Ohhh...Little Lucy! So sweet!! I sent in some photos of my little Olive! Such a fun Friday feature!!

  8. So cute! I might have to send you some shots of my big sweetie! :D

  9. In fact, I'm not even from the UK and I think Ishbel (above) and I are cousins. We certainly are all related if you go back far enough. And isn't it more common in with 'the royals'? Keeping that blue blood blue and all?


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