Fuzzy Fridays: Trixie

I met Trixie a few years ago in Ontario and she lovvvvved belly rubs! And I loved everything about her, don't you? Happy Friday!


  1. Awww that picture is honestly so precious - you can tell how much Trixie loves you (and it looks like she's really trying to understand something you just said!). Such sweet eyes.

    My Yorkie pup, Winnie, loves tummy rubs, too. She always rolls over onto her back to let us know she wants one, and sometimes she pushes herself up onto the arm of the couch (standing on her back legs) with her little paws bent up in front of her - it's so cute I can barely stand it! Dogs are honestly the best companions anyone could ask for.

  2. chocolate labs are great dogs, this one is too cute! have a lovely weekend!

  3. yes! i love her! so cute:) happy Friday

  4. What a total sweetie! I love that head-cocked expression :)

  5. I was just really happy to see the Keith part!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!


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