4 Stories: Vintage

This weeks topic is "Vintage".

one. The Story
I love vintage for it's uniqueness, quality, variety and charm... but most of all, I love it for its story. To me used is the best part, I love picturing the mom who made cakes with my pyrex mixing bowls, or the wife who removed the buttons from her husbands shirt before it became rags or blanket squares, the way a cute girl once wore my dress a totally different way or the date she went on in it... I just love imagining the stories behind the pieces I now love :)

two. The List
You probably have one too, whether mental or written down... a list of the things you really want to find or the additions to your collections. I call it my "Jackpot List"... no matter what thrift store, flea market or garage sale I visit, I look for these jackpots and get the *most* excited when I find the things on my list (but also love the unlisted discoveries just as much). My list includes 2-pile floral towels (I'll show pretty photos of my collection in a week or so), school & office supplies, colorful kitchen items, pyrex bowls, vintage dresses, pillowcases, bags of buttons, charming blankets, containers and furniture that feels really me :)

three. Jill
I love hearing what treasures and scores my friends have found, Jill especially! She's incredibly good at thrifting & vintage shopping, being selective and giving it the best new home! Whenever I go to her house, I love looking for the new things in her home, hearing the history and if it was a good deal compared to the true value... it's a fun game we play :)

four. Look at my Face
Last month my sister and I went furniture shopping for my house. We wandered into a poorly marked Antique's Warehouse and the first floor was loaded with floor lamps... like, everywhere! Then we wandered upstairs and it was a huge-huge warehouse of old, strong furniture! We were quickly talking in high fast voices, racing from favorite to favorite and both dropped our bags & purses  in the middle of the store in order to speed up all the skipping we were doing! With our smiles so big it hurt, Amanda grabbed my shoulder to turn me around and said-- "LOOK AT MY FACE!!" (HUGE SMILES). We were clearly in a furniture heaven and it was impossible not to see our excitement (and full on dork moment).

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  1. Hey! I saw this post and got so happy and immediately wrote my own! Enjoy!

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  3. I dont have a vintage story. :(
    But i have a swimm story! so i just did that one.

  4. I feel compelled to tell you that I had that EXACT experience at the same Antique Warehouse 2 weekends ago. How had we not known about this place before?! What are your favourite vintage places in the Peg?

  5. this is just what i've been looking for!!! i'm so blog blocked during the weekends for some reason and only blog during the weeks. thanks LA for yet again inspiring me!
    here is a link to my 4 stories this week

  6. Okay , so where is this amazing place? There is enough to share right!

  7. This is such a great idea! I have a very similar list of wants! Oh and yes, I get that face too! There's nothing quite like owning what no one longer owns and giving it a home!

  8. Done!


  9. What fun! We are a bunch of vintage addicts over and have given you an award - not vintage ;-) - over at The Green Phone Booth. www.greenphoenbooth.com. Keep up the great writing!

  10. Great topic this week! I love the "look at my face" story the absolute most! I can just feel the excitement, as I feel I'd be reacting the same way. Because I do. LOOK AT MY FACE. I actually have a photo of a similar excited-to-be-finding-vintage moment in one of my stories :)

    Here are my 4 vintage stories...


  11. I did one for "rain". I love this idea, as it gets me writing!

  12. Yay!


  13. This one made me think about vintage stuff, but I got 4 stories together:

    my 4 stories

  14. Thank you so much for this series LA. Even though I'm struggling with stories on the topics they are definitely helping me get into the blogging groove. I've had several non-starters on the blog front but already 4 stories has got me off the ground. I love it!

  15. I had a fairly bizarre experience at the Antiques Warehouse this spring - an angry man playing the piano on the second floor, and a couch that honestly looked like someone had been murdered on it. Is it still there?? It's pink - I'll send you the pic I took of it if you want. I'm really hoping it was just a movie prop...

  16. This is my first time participating in 4 stories and it was loads of fun! At first I thought there's no way I can think up 4 vintage stories but once I sat down and thought about it, so many came to me. It was hard just picking my favorite 4 when it comes to vintage! Thanks LA, I had fun writing xox

    You can find mine here

  17. Loved this one!!! Here are my 4 vintage stories!!!



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