The Tiny Drawer - day seven

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  1. Oh... I have this same star.. My mom gave it to me some time ago!! Makes me like this picture all the more!! Love the Tiny Drawer series!!

  2. *LOVE* this one! You rock, Leigh-Ann :)

  3. I love this one! It reminds me of Christmas!!

  4. So pretty. :) A whole tree covered in those would be so sparkly and magical!

  5. Tiny drawer series = beautiful!!! I love it :)

  6. Hi. I signed up for the class on Sunday, and still haven't received access yet. Can you please email the access info to me, please? I am anxiously awaiting the materials list, so I can start on the lessons. Thank you, Kathleen

  7. Hi Kathleen,

    I've been sending class access daily and originally sent yours on Sunday. I've received both your emails and resent access both times (replying to your message to ensure the email address is correct) plus I tried sending it from a different email address. I don't think you're receiving my responses (did my email get blocked accidently?). Please check your spam mail, I'm trying my best to get this info to you but it doesn't feel like you're receiving my replies. I also sent access from says "Home Ec.." in the subject line.

    Hope this helps. If you see this message... please leave a comment so I know you saw it. If possible, please email me ( from a different email address with your full name so I can send it again.

    xo Leigh-Ann


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