The Tiny Drawer Series - day one

Last Sunday, I was at my parents house photoshooting in my mom's garden shed (for a blog design). I brought along some of my tiny collections to go with the theme and felt excited as I saw it come together :)
As I was packing up my things, I remembered how I came across this tiny drawer... it was about 7 years ago on a Sunday Morning as I walked by a garage sale near my home. A cute old man was moving and his garage was filled with treasure! I found some of my (now) favorite containers there, perring knives that reminded me of my grandma, old tools that were worn from years of the cute old mans chores, jars of buttons, and little collectibles that spoke to me :) And on his window sill, was this tiny wooden drawer, filled with bolts. The nuts and bolts sort, but just the bolts. I adored it then and there and he gave it to me :)
This drawer now stores my sewing needles, safety pins and vintage ricrac but last Sunday, it became a magical little window into my journeys garage saling. In front of Momma's chive garden, I photographed some of my found treasures framed in this Tiny Drawer and I look forward to sharing them with you over the next week or so :)


  1. I think I'm going to love this series. Can't wait for more!

  2. Oh hello back! What a cute idea! I look forward to it.

  3. Funny how you think of "Oh, Hello" and I would have immediately thought "Hello Ho!"

    haha. Love how we see things same and different.
    I love your picture series a ton!

  4. what a sweet old man! And that photo is so cute!

  5. Oh, this is so awesome!!! Can't wait to see all the photos. That's so sweet he gave you the drawer. :D

  6. Oh, so lovely!! :) This is the cutest lil drawer + treasure!

  7. maybe you already know about the Joseph Cornell boxes...
    we played with an interactive exhibit at the chicago art institute/museum. i really don't know much about mr. cornell, but anyway, your lovely box reminded me of his :)
    if you go to google images, you can see what i mean. hope you like it :)


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