Lemon and Raspberry: Feature + eBook!

Hi Amy :) How would you describe yourself?
I'm a wife, sister, daughter, cousin, friend, wedding photographer, scrapbooker, reader, writer, editor, planner, blogger, traveler, singer, crocheter, cook, Netflix subscriber, aspiring linchpin, English literature M.A., procrastinator, learning addict... Amy T. Schubert :)
What is Lemon and Raspberry?
Lemon and Raspberry is intended to be a blog/website (and extended business) that will serve as a resource and inspiration to all the amazing artists, crafters, scrapbookers, photographers and creative small business owners who I have been lucky enough to find (and blog stalk) and love over the last few years.
I took the Indie Biz 2.0 class recently and met so many great bloggers and creative small business owners. Interacting with these women really helped me recognize a really strong pull I have toward being a help as much as I can to others who may be going through the same small business struggles I have.
I have my own creative small business that I have been putting everything into for the last couple years. I spend pretty much all my free time learning about online marketing and SEO and social media and on and on ….. I feel like I have something I can give back to our amazingly supportive community.
It's really been a big part of my heart lately and I'm super excited to put it out in the world.
I recognize that small business owners have about 45 different hats on at once – especially creative businesses. Not only are you the visionary CEO, with your hand on the wheel, steering the whole bus, but you are also in charge of the money and resources, keeping up with technology, marketing, the front line interaction with customers, the manufacturer, and the manager making sure it all gets done. I totally get that.
And I totally know it’s not easy.
I would really really love to help creative business owners in any way I can.
What inspires you and keeps you going?
My awesome husband, the Muppets, Anne of Green Gables, time to myself, musical soundtracks, Seth Godin, springtime, having a camera in my hand, learning new things, Paul Simon, traveling, American History …. I could go on and on. 
I think the more important thing is... 
a) To know what inspires you. I know that if I’m feeling down or bored or uninspired, I can just go to one of these energy boosters. Just 15 minutes to read whatever Seth Godin has to say that day, or editing through a slew of new photos can make my day. I just got a couple new musical soundtracks on CD. Learning all that new music will keep me busy and so so happy for weeks!  
b) We try to stay committed to DOING something about all this inspiration. It’s so easy to just look through all the blogs I love day after day after day after day. Yes. They are all so pretty. And those images of a gorgeously decorated cake definitely inspire me to bake my own. … but it’s a completely different story to actually do it.
    What can we expect from Lemon and Raspberry?
    I would love to have you join me over at Lemon and Raspberry. I've got lots of exciting things on my ‘to-do’ list:
    • DIY projects
    • Several ebooks – on journal prompts, photography, SEO, and so much more
    • Photography FAQs
    • Blogging resources
    • Productivity tips
    • Ways to add a little magic to your day
    • Featured artists
    • Workshops and classes
    I’m currently feeling extremely ambitious, but also quite overwhelmed. Almost as if I can’t keep track of all the ideas swirling around in my head.
    I want to offer everything from business resources to blogging tips to practical ways to increase your productivity to fun little ideas to add a little magic to your day (and remind you that it’s still about your creation, in spite of all the quickbooks entries you may have done that day).
    A Special Treat for Freckled Nest Readers...
    I really want to share with you all my very first product launch – a free ebook on improving your photography.
    For many of us (especially with a primarily online business), our blog or our etsy shop is our first contact with a potential client.
    If we all just stop for 3 seconds before we take a photo and make a couple tiny little tweaks, the quality of our photos can improve SO much. Completely without buying a fancy camera, or more expensive lens, or even learning how to shoot Manual on our cameras.
    I made a free downloadable pdf that features 3 really easy ways to make your images even better. All the steps are completely do-able with any camera you have – do NOT think you need to buy a fancy dSLR to make better images.
    Each of the 3 steps includes...
    • the how and why
    • possible drawbacks
    • unexpected advantages
    • examples from my photography and others
    • extra credit projects
    This ebook is completely free. No need to shell out a couple bucks or join a mailing list. Just download it to your computer and start playing... Better Photography : in 3 steps

    *   *   *
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, passion and eBook with us Amy!!!  xo, Leigh-Ann


    1. Thanks for this post! I will definately follow Amy at Lemon and Rasberry...and download the ebook! I love the name...It is making me excited for summer!

      Love this blog!
      XO Jill

    2. Oh SOOO exciting! I'll definitely be following!

    3. Thanks for sharing this cute new blog/business! I can't wait to read more.

    4. The moment I finished reading I downloaded the ebook, it's super helpful, thank you so much for sharing it. Anne of Green Gables is one of my most favourite things in the world (it's not just a book, it's a way of life!) so I completely agree with you that it's a source of inspiration!

    5. Awesome - Thank you so much for the great E-book!

      Great Post.... It was nice meeting you Amy. =)

    6. Thanks Amy, I feel like I'm in your shoes alot...I'm gonna hope on over and see if there is anything I can do to help!

    7. she had me at her love for seth godin! :)


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