Feature Blog: Betty Mountain Girl

Last month I designed this Blog as a Website for Betty Mountain Girl, a site dedicated to outdoor adventures and a wild & fun life! Betty is a sweetheart and she gives so much strength to women intimidated by or curious about 'the tough outdoors' and mountain biking. Betty also does women's specific product reviews and provides insight and girl tips to help you survive in nature like a lady :)
 It was fun to make custom drawn elements for Betty's blog, I used my bamboo tablet along with paper drawings :]
 I love the final product of this blog... the combination of photos, fonts, a vintage topography map, cross processing and fun illustrations made Betty really happy :)
Interested in a custom Blog Makeover or Blog as a Website?
Information here :)

Thanks so much Betty, you're an amazing woman!!!


  1. wow, I love it! I go mountain biking and camping alot and I love your outdoorsy drawings! I'm going to have to go check out her site!
    xoxo, Katie

  2. Wonderful. I love the tent & Fire - Very Cute!

  3. I love the layout, the photos look killer with the illustrations!

  4. Hi. My name is Grace. I just recently found your blog. So cool! Anyway, i just wanted to say I really loved how you kept some girliness and feminine touches to the design of her blog. It definitely makes her blog seem less intimidating and more inviting for those of us who are a bit more outdoor challenged. Awesome job :) I think anyone who passes over the site will definitely be drawn in to have a read.


  5. one of my fav's sweet chickie :D

    trace xox

  6. I love the colors on this one - and the graphics are pretty sweet. Gives a girly take on roughing the great outdoors. Awesome job!

  7. First I want to say Wow great job! I think it looks amazing. And second thank you so much for introducing me to this blog! I try to spend as much time as possible in the woods and I often feel alone in that. I can't wait to dig back into her posts!


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