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Every month, Freckled Nest promotes a great collection of shops, blogs and artists in the right sidebar. This month, I've invited my sponsors to share about something that i n s p i r e s them! Most sponsors have also contributed something special & cool to our big giveaway!! Yeee!

To enter the big giveaway, leave an encouraging comment
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BONUS GIVEAWAY: A separate winner will be drawn from our Twitter Followers every month and win a Small Ad spot on Freckled Nest for the month ahead :] Note: re-gifting allowed if you don't have a blog or shop.

Hello. My name is Danielle Andreoli. I'm a young{ish} mum living in outback Australia with my family. For the past two years I've had a huge obsession with owls. I know owls are everywhere these days but I like to tell myself I liked owls before they were hip {again}.
Over the years I've been addicted to allot of things. Shopping, handbags, op shopping, shoes, blogs, the color grey..you name it and it's probably been on my list. I like to say I'm a little bit addicted to everything and totally addicted to living life to the full. Nowadays I have a new addiction. While my husband is at work, I spend my days fabric cutting patterns and sewing handbags. When I'm sewing I feel like I'm in my own little world... I love to get creative and I am excellent at making a mess. I recently opened my own little store and it's a real buzz to sell one of your own creations.
Giveaway: a homemade handbag by Hello Owl

Patria [Inspiration] copy 2
Hiya, I'm Patria from Lello & Bu! I feel most inspired when I am creating something new and different, dreamed up, thought about, planned and then actually made. It is like a light bulb goes off in my head and suddenly my hands are working faster than my brain can think! and then, right before my very eyes, an idea has come to life and there is something tangible for me to see and feel and proudly show off! Above is a photo of me on the floor surrounded by paper making something, who knows what...
Giveaway: Paper Aeroplane "fly" and Heart-o-vore Dino


Blog & Etsy
I'm Andrea and I am the artist behind Paper-Sparrow. I grew up in England and I currently live in Florida. My art is inspired by nature, walks in the woods, memories of the New Forest and vintage childrens books. I love painting animals and I imagine all the fun things that they get up to when we're not looking. At the moment, I'm looking forward to spring time colors, baby animals, and spending more time outside. When I'm not painting pictures for Paper-Sparrow, I play cello, love a good cup of coffee and am planning my next road trip in my beloved Swedish wagon.
Giveaway: an 8x10 print of my Down by the River painting


Hi Everyone! My name is Jane Heinrichs and I am an illustrator who calls both London (UK) and Winnipeg (Canada) home. I am most inspired by fairy tales and nursery rhymes. The image you see above is from a recent project of mine to illustrate the mother goose rhyme, "The Queen of Hearts, she baked some tarts." I think fairy tales and nursery rhymes gives such scope for imagination and interpretation. They are so fun to draw!
I love children’s books, especially vintage ones. I recently wrote and illustrated a children’s book called “Magic at the Museum”. I created my own publishing company to self-publish this book. Within one year of publication “Magic at the Museum” was short-listed for a major Canadian illustration award and spent two weeks on the bestseller list in Winnipeg. This is a testament to the power of confidence and the chutzpah of an indie-business! Come visit my blog to witness the inside workings of a small publishing company.
Giveaway: One archival giclée print of the knave of hearts eating cake in Regent's Park (London)


MME [inspiration] copy2
Blog & Etsy
My name is Megan and I'm an illustrator who specializes in pen and ink. Most of my illustrations center around European fairy tales or Victorian tales, which is why I joke with my friends that I was born at least 200 years too late. My blog, named after my Studio MME Illustrations business, shows daily in-progress shots of my work. I think there's something special about watching an artwork come into creation and I love sharing that feeling with others. Last summer I took a month-long trip to Scotland and became enamored with its history and scenery, not only of the countryside, but of the 12th century hospital-turned-manor I stayed in.
Giveaway: Winner's choice of one of the following prints-Daughters of the Forest or Sons of the Forest

Hello! My name is Eleise. I'm 24 years old & I enjoy all kinds of crafting from jewelery making, soap making, candle making, crocheting, scrap booking to sewing. I'm inspired by everything baby which is where I find my inspiration for my shop, One Artsy Mama. I enjoy taking pictures & hope to start up my own photography business where I can shoot baby portraits as well. Above is a picture of one of my guitar onesies...I get inspired by really cute fabrics from which I can make adorable onesies with.
Giveaway: 3 iPod soaps (purple, pink, blue ...the actual size of an iPod!)
Eleise [giveaway]
Hi, I'm Dixie from DixieDIY. My little etsy shop started out when I thought it might be fun to experiment in making candles. I needed some sort of container so I used old vintage glasses I had and soon enough I had so many that I decided to sell them.
Right now I've really been inspired by the Cathedral of Junk here in Austin, TX. It's this big multi level structure built continuously in some guy's backyard over the past 20 years that is made out of, well, junk! Cast off pieces of metal, bottles, TVs, signs, chairs, bikes, CDs, fences, anything and everything you can imagine! And it's huge! People even have weddings there. It's quite an incredible feat and I love how one man took all of this unwanted stuff (some given to him, some he found) and turned it into something beautiful and spectacular. Talk about recycling! You can learn more about the Cathedral and how it began here. I also have a bunch more photos that I took here as well.
(no giveaway)

Hey everyone! I’m Elle, from Elle’s Studio and we have lots of fun scrapbooking tags, embellishments, stamps and more! Our design team keeps us inspired with all their amazing creations, too! The above layout was made by Daniela Dobson – you can see the other design team creations at our Inspiration Gallery. New galleries are posted on the 20th of each month. In March, our business will be three years old (time is going SO fast!) and so we are planning a big celebration! Mark your calendars for the entire month as we get inspired, challenged and more at our blog! There is even an extra special surprise planned, but I can’t spill the beans just yet :) We are on facebook now, too! Become a fan to get the latest updates and fun, exclusive giveaways!
Giveaway: Winner gets all the tags featured below!

My name is Jaelynn and I reside in Orange County, Ca. I am quite fond of cameras, photography, owls and American sign language. My blog is more like journal/diary that I'm sharing with the world. Here is where my opinions, ideas, dreams, rants and inspirations all collaborate into a day-by-day story of my life. I am a barista by early morning and an an avid estate saler, thrift store fiend, vintage guru the rest of the time. I enjoy feeding the addictions of other fashionistas with lush one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle. I am the type to be inspired visually- whether its beautiful images found through talented bloggers and photographers, the sky on a beautiful day or the subtle beauty I find in old vintage pieces needed to be restored (like my favorite headphones!)!
Giveaway: Killer Vintage Liquid Embroidered Mushroom Print!

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