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I'll begin, 1. I think it's claymation. 2. I kinda like singing along. And then I kinda hate myself ;) 3. 2:06... lol.


  1. wow... those were the days...

  2. I just looked this up... http://www.ryandan.com/ haha!

  3. yikes. Sorry I could only take so much. Bad thing about LA is that you see guys who wax their eyebrows like that. It's the most disgusting thing ever IMHO.

  4. lol, good call. i just found a wiki update that i'll save for the 20th-comment stage. it's a doozie.

  5. hey!!! they're name is actually pretty cool-- ryandan is naturally ryANDan. genius oversight.

  6. #1. that's dirty
    #2. it's not clay... it's fake tan.

    Oh canada, you make my friend crazies.

  7. Whhhhhhhhhhaaaaa? I am boggled.

    That definitely reminded me of the old Nsync and Britany Spears videos though, that big group dance scene especially. I bet the same guy did the choreography. I had the VHS tape by that choreographer, it was called Darrin's Dance Grooves, where it taught you dances from the music videos. He went through the steps way too fast for me though! I never really learned anything but the dance from "Crazy".

    I just looked and they're on YouTube now if you want ot have a hilariously uncoordinated time trying to keep up. Just search for Darrin's Dance Grooves.

  8. wow this is a throwback! i'd say thanks for sharing, but i'm not grateful.

  9. Oh my, I am not sure what to say or think about that! Were they tall Umpaloompa's, were they tripletts, were they being serious?? SO many questions, so many!!


  10. when i was a kid listening to this song, it never occured to me how naughty/dirty this song is.
    now, i'm a bit appauled that my mom let me listen to such filth haha.

    i guess i turned out fine though :)

  11. I had totally forgot about them! Crazy!!!!
    Brings me back to junior high:) Thanks for sharing!

  12. haha! omgz i didn't even have to watch that video (thanks goodness) to know the madness you are talking about. yikes. and, ew!
    someone told me once they are opera singers now, or something equally bizarre :)
    happy friday!

  13. don't you miss the good ole boy band days?

  14. hahaha, I remember them! They sure are creepy looking

  15. thank you for that. totally made the day for my husband and I. they look quite like xerox copies.

  16. wow I feel like am in the bad version of middle school!

  17. haha I can't see the video cause I'm at work, but I'm assuming they are the B44 guys? lol
    I already know it's funny....Claymation haha that is the prefect way to explain them.

    Also just as an exciting update TAKING THE STAGE on MTV is back on February 4th!!! Old cast and some new drama!!

    So excited!!!

    xo. Kyla

  18. ....What on earth made you think of B44?...what a terrible band name...

    ...and now the song is stuck in my head. I'm going to be singing "If you get down on me I'll get down on you......" all day...people will probably stare with disgust.

  19. as promised from their wiki page...
    "Post-breakup work

    After breaking up from the band, twins Ryan and Dan Kowarsky formed the group RyanDan together and have been working on an album consisting of pop and classical music. Ohad Einbinder (who is now a model) has also worked on pursuing his musical career in Los Angeles. Recently, Ryan and Dan were signed by Universal Records and were scheduled to release their album on September 24, 2007.

    In July 2007 RyanDan recorded a collaboration with solo artist Ryan Richter. The subsequent concept album was titled RyanDanRyan."

    source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B4-4

  20. thanks for the heebie jeebies - thinking of those orange trolls going down on anything made me puke a little in my mouth.

  21. Ummmm....... Um..... Ummm......



  22. check out www.ryandan.com. it's actually not that horrible.

    Sorry LA but you started it :)

  23. haha jill nice comment - i dont know what's with the uprising of orange skipey haired guys lately.... i just heard about jersey shore the other day and since then its been non stop 'guidos'.....

  24. abbie morrison1/22/2010 08:13:00 pm

    oy, where do i even start?

    1. i'm worried for the little kid because
    a. he's watching those guys thru a viewfinder
    and obviously liking it.
    b. everyone in the video is interested in him.
    i feel like he may be like, 12. the rest of
    the people are definitely over 18.
    2. i can think of nothing other than perverted thoughts of gay men when i hear the chorus.
    3. are 2 of the singers twins?
    4. the cold breath effect in the rainy-i'm-wearing-a-lifejacket scene is pretty "hot".
    5. the 3 minutes i just wasted watching that video is 3 minutes i will never get back. thanks bbfl.

  25. Aww, B44...how they bring back memories. Don't think they ever became big down here in the US, such a shame, ha!

    Thanks for the 7am pick me up:D

  26. Ok, I love you for this! I needed this so bad today!
    I'm feeling the pink choker necklaces
    and I love how awesome they think they are...

  27. HAHAHA! I love the the lyric "I'll make you come (ten second pause) over to my house." Am I the only one that thinks that is hilarious dirty?

    Plus, as a choreographer, I have to say that the dance break is so hilariously cheesy and dated. I love it!

  28. these guys are from my little town outside of Toronto hahaha, I used to see them walking home from school! apparently Ohad (the non-twin) is a huge creeper now ahhahaha

  29. OMG! I don't think I've ever heard of these guys but LMAO....That is some serious makeup and some serious waxing. Wrong on so many levels. Oh and is that Michelle Wiliiams at the end of the video behind the fence?! Sure looks like her.

  30. goodness they are like an extremely tanned mix of LFO and Backstreet Boys. wow.


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