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Gillian is an amazing girl... she's super stylish, a creative inventor, she's in her 3rd year at the University of Manitoba majoring in painting, she knits, she sells her wares locally, she makes jewelry, she cooks, she inspires AND--she's from Winnipeg :) A few weeks ago, we restyled Gillian's blog, making it function like a website (with the help of my partner in crime, Joe the Pro). Take a look at Gill's new blog here and her shop here. "I am so happy with the way my blog has turned out! Leigh-Ann was able to take my style and design a blog that screams 'Gill' and I can be proud to call my own. Usually working through the night, Leigh-Ann won't stop until she knows her customer is completely satisfied :)" - Gillian Thanks Gill! I was thrilled to work with you and I love how your blog represents your art & personal style and favorite colors :) * Also check out Donna's sweet blog makeover at My Rosie Maye & new etsy shop here... ... it has a completely different feel from Gillian's website since each makeover suits the authors unique style. Thanks Donna, you're so wonderful! XOXO, Leigh-Ann If you're interested in turning your blogger or typepad blog into a website or you'd like a more basic blog makeover, please contact me at for rates and package options :) View past makeovers here.


  1. great job on both! they are so cute!

  2. love what you do on the blogosphere! yay!

  3. Jealous! One day I will be able to afford for you to help me with mine... :]

    ps...getting sooooo excited about the trip! Applied for the passport already! :] a little over a month away!!! :]

  4. Love your work! Someday, when I have some money laying around (hopefully that will happen) I would love a blog makeover. A girl can dream! I love how you make the blog fit the blogger so well! Perfect!

  5. Dear Leigh-Ann,
    first off i <3 your blog!!!!! anyways i was wondering about a blog makeover package (prices, what-not) for my blog, but wasn't really sure how to contact you about it. i was thinking of doing it as a blog/website/portfolio?? i am a junior at MSU (in Springfield, MO yay!) and going for a painting degree like Gillian :)
    my email is
    i'd love to hear from you!
    p.s. here is my blog now:

  6. Love it!!

    And I love seeing Gillian here. I've known her since she was in grade three, which is amazing and scary lol =)

  7. hellooo :)) i just wondering how you make this lovely templates ? :))
    do you mind give me some tutorial ? :)) <33

  8. Leigh-Ann, I love your work. Do you do Wordpress templates at all?

  9. Leigh-Ann, I love the look of your sites.
    Do you work with Wordpress(dot)com templates at all?
    That's where I am currently, but am considering moving back to Blogger. Decisions, decisions.
    Please let me know (

    Thanks :)


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