Fashion crushes

I've been looking at my style more lately and wanting to amp up my wardrobe beyond dark jeans, cute shirts and pretty cardigans... wanting to include more skirts, tights, some lady shoes and a wardrobe that I can layer, mix and match like a salad bar. So I've been thrifting more, studying what I like, and adoring the styles of some online fashion & wardrobe bloggers :) Enjoy and feel free to share what you're into :]
[ Faithvixen via Xanga ... & love the song on her site] [ Crystallized in Cloud via Tumblr ] [ Amanda via Here's Looking at me Kid ] [ Sarah H. via Lookbook ] [ Mallory via ffffound ] [ les RetrouvaillesChloe via Flickr ] the model looks like Ashley Simpson hey? I've been watching to much Melrose ;) Annabel via Blushing Ambition... (my favorite) I love Annabel's blog mostly for 2 reasons: She's charming & has great style and she loves the same kinda food i do. Go thru the pages and you'll be hungry...for shopping and lunch! Little interview here.


  1. Lady shoes - that's what I need. I'm all about comfy shoes.

    Nice collection!

  2. I just found your blog, and let me say I loves it! I am a new follower, kudos.

  3. Ooooh, you're giving me new blogs to read, which is exactly what I didn't need. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm addicted. :)
    (P.S., thanks for the shout out!)

  4. okay sooooo loving this post. seriously.
    you are such a doll. I love your blog.

  5. these are sooo inspiring! i love it all! thanks lovie!

  6. OOOH! i'm gonna wear red tights and shorts tomorrow.


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