6 Degrees of Love (vol.2)

6 Degrees of Love is an occasional blog series on Freckled Nest (vol.1 here)... Different expressions and types of love, adoration and fascination :) In no particular order, enjoy...
[all photo sources found by clicking photo] Degree 1, The Library tumblr_ksh0fnCgTT1qzb2hmo1_500_large at Old House Revival Degree 2, Pudgy Baby Pandas Degree 3, Headdresses Degree 4, IceCream Choices oomp9ta97_jasonlewisphotography-22211_large Degree 5, The Carnival tumblr_kq6pyvWtox1qzo9kbo1_500_large tumblr_kq8pu0003l1qzl7pko1_400_large Degree 6, Paper Cranes Degree 7, Kids with Cameras Welcome to a new week :) ps... i love you


  1. I *LOVE* these! Such awesome photos you found! Keep them coming!
    Sarah M

  2. Great photos inspirations!...as always :) xx

  3. Just found yuor blog and I love it! becca

  4. So much in inspiration, so little time! Thank you thank you thank you!

  5. I really love all the photos on this post. You always make me smile.

  6. Love, love, love. All of it!

  7. As a librarian, I thank you for Love #1.

  8. The ice cream photos remind me of something i seen today while driving downtown.
    I dont remember were exactly it was but i seen this guy who was in his early 30's probably walking with 2 countem 2 ice cream cones, and carrying a little purse almost like a hard shelled makeup bag that was pink and white with some heart pattern.
    BUT there was no kids or women walking with him to justify the 2nd ice cream or pursue thing-a-ma-jig

    And for those of you reading this that arent NASCAR fans 48 Jimmie Johnson may not have won this weekend but he still placed better than 18 Kyle Busch SAY WHAT- thats right better than #18

    and sure Keith you could say "well he won 1st in nation wide and truck series" thats true but thats only because good old 48 wasnt there to win it

  9. Kody?? I could hardly tell it was you with all those capitals, sentence structure and punctuation!

    Lol at the ice cream guy with the 'Hardshelled Make-Up Bag" & your stabs at KB18! I'll tell Keith to read it when he comes over... lol. And you've totally taken his thunder comeback about Nationwide (he totally would have said that)... I wonder what his comeback will be.

  10. wow, love this leigh-ann! you have the best eye for beautiful things :) this post has inspired me for the rest of the night!
    much love!

  11. Kody you are so funny, even though I can't stand JJ, you can't deny that he is very good as is his crew chief. KB all the way in 2010....BOOYAKASHA!!!!!!! Later Kode

  12. Cute post Leigh-Ann!!!!
    You're just like your Momma, I love libraries and BOOKS, especially the book section at Costco. Just wish I had more time to read. Also ice cream, YUM,YUM, look at all those flavors. :D

    I just got a brainwave! We should make paper cranes at the lake next summer and hang them in O&K's room or the sunroom. That would look so pretty with all those colours, we could use our Beachy colour team. :}

    Kody may have used capitals and punctuation but he forgot apostropies!

    Looking forward to seeing MJ tomorrow night.

    Love Momma

  13. Oooh, such beautiful eye candy. I also dig the freckles on the previous post.

    I'm watchin' Conan and just heard that Tegan and Sara are going to be on. Made me think of you... I haven't checked in for a while. Hope you're great!

  14. LOOOOOOVES IT <3 :) i especially love the ice cream..

  15. this has cheered me right up.
    thanks LA. kxo


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