oh hello friend

i hope you have a girl like her, she's my best friend :) Happy Sunday :)


  1. i have a boy like her ^^

    he's my bestie <3 but he's with my parents and i am here, 400 km away :( going to see my family this week, will be fun! and i love that my dog still sleeps in my bed when i am there. and it brings me to tears how happy he seems everytime i come back home.

    dogs are better humans!


  2. Sweet Lola is so cute! My Annie is my shadow that loves me unconditionally.

  3. LA-we have a dog and cat...the dog has adopted my dh and the cat has claimed me as his...Loving how much you love lola! Loving how open you are on your blog and by the way...did I miss the post of you and Keith getting back together? So glad you are:)

  4. I do! My Bella is my best friend, too, and she sits just like that... when she's not lying on my feet, that is! Lovely blog!



  5. Hello Leigh-Ann

    We thought of you today as we walked around on the beach in Tofino. We found tons of star fish all different colors. Took lots of pictures.

    We went whale watching today and say Humpback Whales, sea birds and Seals.

    Our room has a balcony over looking the ocean which is beautiful.

    Say hello to Mama for us..... Wishing she was here....

    Love Aunty K


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