Just in Case you Missed it...

Did you miss signing up for our Indie Business Online Workshop? We've received enough delayed responses to open the class to 2 more entries until the end of Monday Sept 7/09 (that's today). We hate to turn anyone away who really wanted to participate, so before we're too far into class, we thought we'd offer a last opportunity to join. Full Details and Registry HERE.


  1. Hey girlie!!
    Sorry I've been out of touch lately -- I've been busy busy busy!! (and a little sicky sicky sicky!)

    I think I'll hold off on this class (sorry -- I SO wanted to participate!!) but you can DEFINITELY count me in on the class you & Elsie are doing!! AAAHHH! HOW FREAKING EXCITING!!! I can't wait :)

    Love you babe!

  2. Everyone sign up sign up. Probably one of the best investments I've ever made. And it just started!

  3. I just signed up! Woo hoo!!! :D

  4. ooops - missed out! dang! looked like an amazing class :)

  5. Hi! This is my first time here and your blog is super cute!! I'll be back for sure! Oh and I temporarily live in Northern Manitoba...wishing I was in Winnipeg shoppin!! Hee hee!

  6. My god I wish that I had the time/money to take this, so so badly! I cry myself to sleep at night over it. Not really, but you guys are still that awesome. I hope I can kick my indie biz into gear anyhow. :) Having a biz chat/brainstorm over PSL's with a friend soon!


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