I'm at the cabin

There's been Canada Day fireworks every night :)
I will be back to the city on Sunday :]
Kody and Dad are having the time of their life using two big tractors (they're digging a moat around the castle--i mean cabin) and Mom and I are taking care of the Twins for a few days :) It's been a lot of work, but also very fun and special :)
Right now, Olivia and Kennedy are chasing Lola around because she's got one of their small stuffies and they're enjoying being "in charge" ;) Plus they're playing dollies, and they keep taking them shopping to Superstore for Candy, and Costco for Craisins and hotdogs. Lol! Now they're saying "Lolaahahaha, youuuure my heeeeeeero" again and again, totally adorable!!
Happy July 4th to all the Americans :) I hope its extra sparkly :)
Love youuu! LA :)


  1. The fireworks out at the cabin have sure improved since last year! ;)

  2. happy happy 4th! i'm celebrating! and i miss you! xoxo!

  3. Did you take this photo? Because it is amazing!!!

  4. leigh-annnnn i miss you. hope you're having so much fun at the cabin :]

  5. Trains,
    It was just a google image. Image seeing that in person, it's so beautiful!
    LA :)


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