we love the dogpark :]

she's so beautiful he's such a go getter he's the sweetest they have so much fun together, i lovvvve their kisses and our family is so fun :) Heading to the cabin in the morning for the long weekend, I hope you have a great weekend too, mwah! See you Monday or Tuesday :)


  1. Sounds like fun!

    I've always wondered in a dog park - what if your dog runs off!? Mine wouldn't but I'd had dogs in the past who would.

    Charlie would LOVE that Tom.

  2. dogparks are a doggie social escape. both my dogs love it when we go (but the closest one is about 30 min).
    That last picture is true love!!
    have a great weekend!

  3. I am super new to the blog world and let me tell you. YOU have inspired me!!! I have fallen in love with your style, words, pictures and sweet, sweet dogs! thanks for sharing!!


  4. Have an awesome weekend!
    I love that second picture.

  5. Those are great photos of Tom and Lola!!

    Love Tanner

  6. *melt melt melt* LOVE that pic of you two kissing! You should totally blow that up and frame it!!

  7. hey i was looking at the RVA site at the summer loves book and was wondering, where can i get fabric tape at?

  8. Hope you had a great weekend? The dogparc looks like fun. Mika


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